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  • commented 2017-05-26 13:44:26 -0400
    Tree branch removal! About a month ago, after getting no response from the city, I removed some small branches from a tree in the tree box in front of our house. I did this because the branches were hanging down into the sidewalk and passersby had to dodge them as they walked past. Several of my neighbors thanked me for doing so. BEFORE I did this, I checked the DC311 website and saw that tree branches would be picked up as either bulk trash or “yard waste”. So after cutting the branches I made a request and got the usual auto-response emails giving me a pickup of May 24th which was nearly a month after the branches were cut.. The branches were not picked on the 24th and when I called the city and talked to two different people yesterday I was told that the city would not pick them up and that I would have to take them to Fort Totten or pay to have them picked up privately. This was understandably frustrating since this advice over the phone contradicts what’s on the DC311 website. Since the branches have been sitting there for a month, passersby have added random debris to the pile too. This is becoming a nuisance, not just an irritation. Can you please have someone come pick this stuff up? It’s not even that big a pile of stuff, in fact it’s gotten smaller because the leaves have now shriveled up. Please let me know if you can help get this taken over. Thank you!
  • commented 2017-05-25 15:09:12 -0400
    My home is now bracketed on both sides by former family residences turned into short-term rental facilities. No one is living permanently in either facility. I would like to know more about DC regulations for such “air bnb”-like facilities and what protection we have against losing our neighborhoods to entrepreneurs.
  • commented 2017-05-17 11:31:59 -0400
    Hello Councilman Allen,

    My name is Hayden Aaronson. I live at 612 15th ST NE and I have a three year old son. I wanted to reach out and highlight a series of unfortunate crime events in our neighborhood over the last 5 months. There has been a drastic uptick in crime in the few block radius around our house.

    Here is a list of incidents, though I’m sure this doesn’t represent everything that has been going on:

    - In January two men were shot on 14th Pl NE, one fatally, around 630am in the morning on a weekday. This happened directly in front of homes with small children inside who could easily been awake at that hour.

    - In late February/early March there was a shooting in broad daylight at the corner of 14th and H sts.

    - As I know you are aware, a grisly murder occurred on 14th ST NE in late March. I am sure I don’t need to recount the chilling effect this had on our neighborhood.

    Related to this string of events, since January numerous families have either moved, put their houses up for sale, or told neighbors of their intent to move. Their decisions are probably motivated by multiple factors, but I know for a fact that recent crime in the area influenced decisions, in addition to the quality of schools in the area.

    I realize crime and poverty are inextricably linked in our city, and that these are complex issues that are difficult to solve. However, I want to stress that despite the seemingly inexhaustible demand for housing in DC, I believe the gains the city have made over the last decade are fragile in nature. Our family is reaching a point where it is hard to dismiss the crime we are experiencing as simply part of “city living.”

    I’m not sure what actions should be taken, if any, but I felt compelled to reach out and remind you that if your constituents cannot feel safe on our streets, or depend on the schools to provide a quality education, no new restaurant, bar, streetcar extension, or other amenity will keep families in the District from moving. We love our neighborhood, we love the diversity, the friendships, and the vibrancy, but we are worried and a little unsure about what is going on. I strongly encourage you to set up a meeting about the uptick in crime, even in the last few hours many neighbors have expressed concern about the state of affairs in the neighborhood after I posted a note on the listserv about this latest incident. I would be happy to coordinate with my neighbors. We have had a good collaboration with Commander Kane, but I think we need a more granular, day to day strategy to make sure we reestablish a feeling of safety in our neighborhood which has really been shaken with the recent events.


    Hayden Aaronson
  • commented 2017-05-16 17:36:33 -0400
    There’s a growing sinkhole in the brick sidewalk outside my building. It’s been there for several weeks and no one from the city has addressed the issue
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  • commented 2017-05-12 19:26:23 -0400
    One of the nets at the tennis court at Garfield Park has been broken now for almost a year. I have called National Park Service and DC Parks & Rec about this previously with no response. Can you help on this one? Thanks!!
  • commented 2017-05-04 09:43:43 -0400
    I’m writing again to request something be done about illegal left-hand turns onto M St. SW from south-bound 4th St. SW (at the Waterfront Metro station). Cars, commuter buses, and police cars (not in hot pursuit – no sirens, no lights, just – I am guessing – lazy) all routinely make that illegal left, and when they do, it’s when pedestrians crossing M St. have the crossing light. I’ve nearly been hit by a car several times and I’ve seen a number of other pedestrian close calls. It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed. Is there any way violaters can be issued tickets? We need a deterrence mechanism. Thank you.
  • commented 2017-05-01 12:11:51 -0400
    The street lights in the alley on the 400 block of 10th st. NE have not been working for over three months. I emailed Councilman Allen and Nicole Opkins last week about getting their help to get DDOT to come out and repair it but I have not heard back from them. The safety of our homes and neighborhood are compromised with an alley behind our homes that remain pitch black.

    Can you help us please get this repaired promptly? thanks.
  • commented 2017-04-29 07:52:25 -0400
    We have submitted several requests through the 311 portal to have the alley behind our home repaired. Not only is the alley home to standing water which breed mosquitos, but also the broken surface and poor condition is conducive to trash and illegal dumping. Our initial requests were made in 2015, and we were told it was either completed (not correct) or would be done within 120 days (nothing was done). Thank you in advance for looking into this.
  • commented 2017-04-25 13:32:16 -0400
    I currently live at 918 9th Street NE. I’m finishing up a renovation at 1114 I Street NE and was planning to move May 1/2. I called Washington Gas to set up gas service, and instead of turning on my gas, they removed the meter and shut off the gas. They claim that the meter had been illegally moved. We didn’t move it as part of the renovation so it must have been done by a previous owner. Washington Gas is telling me it will take 5-10 days just to get someone out there to evaluate what needs to be done to add the meter back. It’s probably another 6-8 weeks to do the work. I’ve already had to cancel my movers because I can’t pass final inspection without gas, and Washington Gas’ time frame is laughable. I’m paying double mortgage and would like to stop as soon as possible. More importantly, Washington Gas shouldn’t be able to just remove a meter/cut off the gas without a suitable alternative in place. The meter in the house next door is in the exact same location. It feels like a mistake and/or Washington Gas doing whatever the hell they want to do. Please help expedite Washington Gas’ work. Thanks.
  • commented 2017-04-24 10:47:27 -0400
    I have a serious problem, concerning a constituent in your Ward Mr. Allen. She Homeless because of bed bugs infested in her apartment.
  • commented 2017-04-20 14:45:43 -0400
    What is being done to clean up the growing tent cities that have sprouted up under the train tracks leading to Union Station? The smell of human waste is becoming a nuisance, not to mention the litter strewn about. Several of these tents, particularly on K Street, are so wide that they block the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians into oncoming traffic. Signs have been posted saying the areas (K, L, and M Streets) would be cleaned, but to date, nothing has been done.
  • commented 2017-04-13 18:37:41 -0400
    Can something be done about the parking problem regarding the little league field behind Payne elementary? While the school was under construction the gate to the field was moved from the parking lot to it’s current location on D St which means that people using the field are parking on the street and not in the lot. This field is used almost daily from March through November and activities start before residents are home from work. This is unnecessarily frustrating to the residents of the street who have nowhere to park when they get home. It’s a very easy problem to solve; remove the current gate and relocate it to adjoin the parking lot where it has historically existed. If there were not alternative parking then I would understand needing to park on the street but there is a parking lot and there’s no reason to cause friction between the parents of the kids and the residents. There have already been several incidents and it will only escalate if something isn’t done. Seems like an easy win for everyone.
  • commented 2017-04-12 15:29:23 -0400
    seeking relief for trafficking victims who are family members
  • commented 2017-04-12 15:23:06 -0400
    Need help getting my daughter away from community where she and her son are victims of a human trafficking and drug trafficking organized crime ring that is linked to illegal immigrants utilizing their identification for unlawful entry to defraud the us government at dc and federal level
  • commented 2017-04-12 11:05:23 -0400
    I live in the SW/Waterfront neighborhood and bike to work. 4th Street is a primary road an bike route in and out of my neighborhood. The condition of the bike line is horrible (and more generally) the road isn’t much better. It’s dangerous and needs to be addressed. When is this stretch of road due for milling and repaving?
  • commented 2017-04-10 14:37:52 -0400
    Huge swath of SW has Emergency No Parking—for 19 days—signs. First day of the prohibition was today, April 10. Starting at 6:30 a.m., tow trucks arrived to remove cars. Despite all the ticketing and towing, not a single bit of road work was done all day on the 400 block of G Street, SW. POINTLESS inconvenience for the many SW residents and visitors.
  • commented 2017-04-07 14:21:38 -0400
    While we were away our neighbor put up a 4ft hedge about 6 ft from the curb which blocks my view leaving our driveway. I cannot see cars coming down the hill which is very dangerous. Who should I talk to?
  • commented 2017-04-04 15:57:25 -0400
    The D.C Democratic women club is inviting Councilmember Charles Allen to speak at our event on 27 of April at 6.30 to 8.30 at the Bertie Backus U.D.C. Campus, two weeks ago the federation had women in blue day, and even though it was the Federation women Club, it is made us of two difference club and the D.C. Dems is one of them ,and we would like to do follow up on the topic that was discuss we would like to have an open forum .Their are so many mothers that need you to come and give them a little insurance that someone in the Wilson building cares, even though I know you all do, so please get back to me Councilmember Allen, you do know us and you know that we are concern in every way about what is happening in the communities, and the whole of the District of Columbia; thanks in advance
    Vice President of D.C. Democratic women Club
    Chair of Program committee
    Gwendolyn Johnson
  • commented 2017-03-31 11:12:19 -0400
    I have lived on Capitol Hill for about 8 years and recently started community to Baltimore daily for work using MARC. Although I have used the restroom in Union Station over the years occasionally and only when absolutely necessary, I now use it every weekday. It is a very lucky and rare day when I do not encounter one or more of the following: broken door, broken lock on door, broken hook, unclean toilet or floor, no toilet paper, toilet that doesn’t flush, no soap, or sink doesn’t work. This is an inconvenience for me, but I would also like to advocate on behalf of women who are elderly, disabled, homeless, or have children, for whom using the restroom at Union Station can be even more difficult.

    I have been reading about this issue and the efforts that homeless advocates have been making to expand access to public restrooms and build more of them across the city. In the meantime, improving the maintenance of the existing restrooms in Union Stations does not seem like an insurmountable challenge. This is an important issue for Ward 6 residents who use Union Station often, but also for so many people from across the nation and around the world who pass through it every day. Clean, well maintained restrooms should not be a luxury, they are a human right. Please let me know who else I can contact about this issue and how we can work together to solve this problem. Thank you for your time.
  • commented 2017-03-30 17:18:31 -0400
    A trailer, MD tag # 154225X, filled with yard debris, has been parked (without an attached vehicle) at the corner of North Carolina Av. SE & 10th St SE. Affixed to the trailer is a DC Visitor Parking Permit, # Q6, issued by DC Police Officer #4119, good for 3/28 to 4/12/17.

    I’m assuming that the trailer belongs to a commercial landscaping company. I would like to know how a commercial company is able to get a visitor parking permit to in essence, store its yard debris on a residential street. Could you look into this for me and let me know how this could be in anyway legal? Thanks. Daniel Buck
  • commented 2017-03-28 22:22:52 -0400
    Serious Public Health uncontrolled breeding of mosquitos, and the spread of the ZIKA virus.

    More than one (1) foot of stagnant water in the basement of residence next door at 750 13th st se.

    in a house that was condemned 5 yrs ago in 2012

    DCRA have ignored this problem, even after my basement was flooded following heavy rain a few weeks ago. All they do is send an inspector to check on excessive weed growth front and rear.

    I have exhausted all avenues open to me, incl DCRA ’s Anthony E Williams,

    Can you plz arrange for the appropriate Public Health Dept to take immed.action

    Thank you,

    Bryan Cassidy
  • commented 2017-03-20 12:30:11 -0400

    I have been having continuous issues with landlord B. Schauer responsiveness for three years. Issues include pests, appliances braking down, and general issues with the apartment. I have gotten in touch with DCRA numerous times, but little has been done to alleviate the issues. I am reaching my last straw and dont know what to do anymore.

    Thanks for your help.
  • commented 2017-03-16 16:24:28 -0400
    I recieved a parking ticket downtown. I’m not disputing that I didn’t pay to park as the signage wasn’t clear and I didn’t realize that I needed to pay. What I want your help with is the fact that a routine parking ticket (not parking in front of a hydrant or in a disabled spot, etc.) is now $50.00! That’s completely unreasonable and would impose a serious burden on many people. Is there anything that can be done about that?
  • commented 2017-03-13 20:41:01 -0400
    I am upset that several roads were blocked for the rock and roll marathon that were not posted and not on the race course. Several blocks on Tennessee Ave NE (300-400 blocks) and many surrounding blocks (parts of C, D, etc.). I tried contacting police and the race’s community relations team. The community relations team agreed with my assessment that the police closed streets not marked for closure and had no info about why that happened. The police gave me the number for the street closure team, which said I should call the first district.

    Saturday was crazy for us and I don’t want to see this happen again next year. Can you guys help? As an aside, the police would not let me onto my own street (which did not interfere with the race at all). They allowed in people going to church, but not me (with my kids, groceries, and proof of residency). It was not their finest moment and I’m hard pressed to understand why this represented additional public safety.

    Thank you!
  • commented 2017-03-08 00:01:20 -0500
    The alley behind our house is supposed to be completely repaired with the very nice paving that DDOT has been using in other alleys. The crews are doing each end of the alley but not the middle because someone apparently complained that the replacement paving wasn’t “historic brick.” We definitely want the repaving behind our garage and expect that others do, too. Please help us get this accomplished. Many thanks! Connie Citro
  • commented 2017-03-07 15:54:52 -0500
    I’m not sure where to take this problem. Evidently someone on our block moved out a few days ago, leaving most of the contents of an apartment at the curb in front of a half-dozen homes: 3 TVs, 2 vacuum cleaners, furniture, books, a microwave, papers, CDs, beds, mattresses, lamps, kitchen items and much more. It was set there neatly at first, but of course now it has been picked through and tossed about. Papers are blowing everywhere. Glass items are broken. It’s a hazard and an eyesore. What can the city do?
  • commented 2017-03-01 11:16:17 -0500
    I have not seen any improved efforts on the part of parking enforcement by DPW.

    I am copying a “Ask the Director” submission I submitted today.

    “My complaining about the lack of enforcement on the 200 block of N Street NW has achieved a new level of frustration and hope that the Director can/would address this problem.

    On a daily basis there are anywhere from 5-7 cars from Maryland, Virginia, and DC (with no RPP) cars filling the southside of N St NW which is designated RPP. This makes going out with my car to run errand next to impossible! Making the problem worse is the total futility of using 311 reporting. The cases are allegedly closed with tickets issued and I observed these cars after the “ticket” was issued and found none there.

    Is it too hard to get enforcement on a regular basis so these commuter violators (and that is what they are) will find a legitimate parking area?

    Thank you for your consideration"
  • commented 2017-02-24 09:27:46 -0500
    I have read a few articles about Kenyan McDuffie’s proposed AirBnB restricting bill. I am not sure to what extent what I am reading is correct, but I am really worried that DC legislators are going to make it increasingly unaffordable to live in DC by restricting the way homeowners such as myself use our private property for financial gain. The continued overreach, taxation, and restrictions put in place by our local government will only serve to force good citizens such as myself out of the district, or vote in legislators that are less restrictive. There are at least 10 airbnb’s on our city block alone and this will affect so many young working professionals who are trying to make some extra money to support their families, and the economies that these airbnb’s have created in our neighborhood. Bottom line…I would like to know what Charles Allen’s thoughts are on this.
  • commented 2017-02-23 07:30:08 -0500
    I saw in my ANC rep’s recent email listserve that a number of dog attacks have been happening. I wanted you to know that I, too, was attacked by an off-leash pit bull on 2/12/17 at the corner of 15th & L SE. I called the police (CCN# 17-024-635) and they conferenced in Animal Control. By the time I got my dog safely out of the situation and returned to the scene, the owner and the dog were gone. Hopefully we can find some way to keep dogs on leashes and suitably controlled.