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  • commented 2015-05-21 14:03:52 -0400
    Hi Charles,

    I have put in a service request on for bulk item pickup (a bed frame and 2 mattresses with plastic covering). DPW incorrectly reported that they completed the request – both mattresses and frame remained out there. Luckily, it seems that an unknown person picked up my bed frame and one of the mattresses for their own uses…this is a fine coincidence, but I still have one mattress remaining outside. So, not to be discouraged, I put in yet another request that should have been completed by the 19th of May. DPW again did not complete the request. Furthermore, after I put in the second request, it seems that someone else illegally dumped another mattress and two couches on top of my mattress. I called up DPW and explained the situation. They said that their collectors wouldn’t move the other illegally dumped items in order to pick up my mattress. This is a fair enough stipulation (despite the silly fact that they will have to make another trip anyway to pick up the illegally dumped items!), so I moved aside the other items so my mattress would be exposed and easily accessible for pickup. DPW then said they would send a supervisor to come and check it out. Clearly they didn’t do that either as the service request still remains open til today.

    This has wasted a lot of my time and energy. Personally, I honestly care little about whether my mattress is picked up or not in a timely fashion…but I live with people who are very concerned, and have been consistently asking me about it. This really causes me stress because every day that mattress remains out there, I seem more and more inconsiderate of their feelings. I would loathe being perceived this way by anybody, but especially so of the people whom I live with and see on a daily basis. The situation surrounding what seems to be such a simple thing is reaching a level of complexity that is baffling to me. Can someone please get my mattress? Please? It’s been out there since the second week of April. It needs to go. The people at DPW don’t seem keen on being forthright about the status of my service request, nor do they appear to give accurate reports of what they do. So, Charles, I am reaching out to you. My Ward 6 Representative.

    Charles, I politely request a timely and personalized response to what I have written above. If I do not get a personalized reply with a course of action laid out in a timely fashion (for something like a simple mattress collection, two days seems good), I will assume that you did not get my message and will email it to you. If you do not reply to my email (within one day), I will tweet you this entire message minus this paragraph. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Charles!
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  • commented 2015-05-21 11:19:13 -0400
    I would be interested in seeing the followup or feedback to the posts by other constituents on this page. Perhaps those who posted with requests could post again with some outcomes? It would be helpful and interesting to know what came out of these requests. Thanks.
  • commented 2015-05-19 15:52:42 -0400
    Hello. Could I ask your staff to find out from DPW why they won’t pick up one pallet as bulk trash? I received several hundred pounds of flooring for my outdoor terrace recently, and it came on a pallet. I called and arranged for a bulk trash pickup, but it didn’t happen. The next day, when I called, the only answer I could get is that DPW does not pick up pallets. When I asked why, the answer was, and I quote: “We don’t.”

    Thank you.
  • commented 2015-05-04 16:06:07 -0400
    I’m writing about the intersection of M St and 4th St. SW. Even though left turns onto M from 4th are prohibited, I see cars, commuter buses, and police squad cars making left turns on a regular basis. As a pedestrian, I am concerned for my safety and that of other pedestrians. Is it possible to get a camera posted or are there other solutions available? Thank you.
  • commented 2015-05-01 14:55:37 -0400
    Union Kitchen (UK) has made application to open a café at the corner of 3rd and F Streets NE, specifically at 538 3rd Street NE. This location has been a grocery for decades and always very quiet for the last 19 years we have lived next to it. People come in and get their groceries and then leave. UK plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as serve alcohol until midnight. They have referred to the establishment they are opening on Monday, May 4 as a grocery, but they plan to have 20 people sit outside. This will shatter the peace and quiet this residential neighborhood has enjoyed for decades. UK has already installed large planters and 4 picnic tables ahead of receiving permission from DDOT. Please provide information/support on how to limit this operation to a grocery store only. On April 30, nearly 30 people were out front of the building for UK’s soft opening. The noise was horrific. Please help!
  • commented 2015-04-29 14:11:24 -0400
    We have a tree growing in the alley behind our house that needs to be trimmed. It is hitting against cable and phone wires running to many houses, and it will eventually knock them down if not fixed. I reported the tree to 311, and dDot said it is not their responsibility. I could use help navigating the bureaucracy. Thanks!
  • commented 2015-04-29 10:02:38 -0400
    Good Morning,

    I an writing to request that the triangle (pocket) park at 9th and Massachusetts Avenues NE be mowed. I left a phone message with your office last week but it still has not been mowed, and the grass is extremely high. Could you ensure that this park gets put on the appropriate maintenance list? Getting this park mowed is a problem every year.

    In general, in talking with numerous people on Capitol Hill, it seems that the issue of jurisdiction over, and maintenance of, pocket parks on the Hill is a perennial problem. When people call to have the parks maintained, DC park services says these parks are under federal jurisdiction, and the National Park Service says they are under DC jurisdiction. In effect, no one will take responsibility. It might be helpful for the DC council to look into this and clarify whose responsibility it is to maintain these parks, which are a valuable asset all over Ward 6.
  • commented 2015-04-27 11:28:46 -0400
    We received a Department of Public Works Violation for “Solid Waste Not Properly stored/Contained for collection And Providing food or breeding ground for rodents or Causing a potential fire hazard” because we had 2 garbage bags on the ground next to our container. This was dated in March (violation with photo) and notice given in March one week later (date of service). Our container was already full. There are two problems with this citation: 1. It followed a pick-up day shortly after we had snow and DPW had a huge backlog of NOT picking up trash. 2. It instructs us to respond 14 days-19 day before the date of service. BUT we actually GOT the citation taped to our fence last week, making it 3 weeks AFTER the DEADLINE! Please advise on what I feel is a ridiculous, targeted violation, hitting residents when we had no choice to leave our our trash during/after the snow with NO pick-up!
  • commented 2015-04-22 17:30:58 -0400
    We live in the Historic district. We just returned home from being away for the past 3 weeks. We are stunned and dismayed to find that on both sides of our block, parts of the existing sidewalks have been destroyed and “repaired” with two differing shades of gray concrete, ranging from light to dark. Our existing sidewalks were beige concrete. Now, the 600 block of E SE is an ugly patchwork of discordant and differently colored gray blotches next to the original beige concrete which remains the primary color for the sidewalk. This is completely unacceptable for any residential neighborhood. How could this have happened and what can be done to correct this blight?
  • commented 2015-04-21 08:26:26 -0400
    We need assistance in getting a very large tree cut in a triangle (pocket) park in Reservation 84, which is at the intersection of Constitution and Massachusetts Aves, NE at 7th St. Neighbors in the home adjoining the park and others have submitted several 311 requests, but no action has been taken. This very large tree is completely dead. It looms over the home only 10 feet from its base and frequently drops very large branches. It is very dangerous. Part of the difficulty in getting the tree cut down is that no DC agency will say that it has juridciton over the pocket park. ANC6C is trying to get the agencies (DDOT, DPR, DCGSA) to decide who is repsonible for all the pocket parks on the Hill, bu this decision may take time. Reservation 84 is particularly important to us, as a group of neighbors would like to renovate the park. But we cannot do so until we know which agency can grant us approval.

    Clearly, Urban Forestry has the ability (or the contract) to get this very dangerous tree cut down. This task should be a very high priority, as it is just a matter of time befor it falls on the adjoining house or injures one of the many people who use the small park. At this point, cutting the tree is close to an emergency.

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