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    Telling my story in hopes of getting justice. Something done about criminals who continue to victimize our community:

    July 13th my 2 young daughters and I were victims of a crime. As business owners we can’t delegate who walks into our shop. 2 men came in with the pretense of purchasing some our skin care products but robbed us instead. They used a common ploy by having one of them seclude me and bombard me with questions about his desire for “custom made products” in one area of my store while the other stole product and then crept upstairs and stole my wallet from my purse. The most terrifying thing about this situation is that my daughter was the only one that saw him upstairs and told him “customers aren’t allowed up here”, he quickly ran down the stairs and rushed out of my shop with his cohort quickly following. These 2 individuals seemed strange but harmless at the time and my daughter hadn’t yet said anything about her encounter so I didn’t think anything of it until American Express called me about an hour later inquiring about suspicious activity on my business cc. They had apparently charged every single one of my cards purchasing thousands of dollars worth of possible gift cards at the CVS on H among other things. I say “possible” because I can’t yet prove it but after telling my story on one of my neighborhood list serves I found that another business (Woman) went through the exact same thing!! She sent me a picture of the person who robbed her and it was the SAME SCUM BAGS WHO ROBBED ME!! All of my personal information is in the hands of a couple of criminals and the police have yet to even assign my case to a detective!!! Things could have gone terribly wrong, thank God it didn’t but it could have and I will not rest until these criminals are held accountable! I’m not sure if they are only attacking and victimizing vulnerable women owned businesses but they have got to be stopped before someone is physically harmed. I need…we need bigger voices to help spread the word that this will not be tolerated. We sometimes fall victim to circumstances beyond our control and try to “forget about it” and “move on” but NOT THIS TIME!! I’m angry, my children could have been hurt, I’ve been violated, my personal information has been corrupted, they stole my money and put fear in my heart!! It makes you look at certain individuals differently and that hurts my heart because 99% of people are good! It’s that 1% who twist our perceptions.

    Help us get Justice!

    Leigh, Nya and Zuri Byers

    hunnybunny Boutique
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    Dear Charles and team,

    At 3 am this morning we called the DC WASA emergency line to report that we had no water. They said they were aware and a crew was being dispatched.

    The utility marking services folks did not arrive onsite until 8 am…no one from WASA arrived until 10 am.

    Then they discover there is a tree right on top of the broken water main…DC Trees had to be called. The guy biked over, ordered a tree removal contractor for urgent status because the tree was deemed unstable. There were here by 1 pm. Tree down by 1:25 pm. NOW still now activity out front of our house to repair this.

    Now, the WASA crew is now waiting for the heavy equipment needed to dig up the street. Our neighbors find it very intriguing that the 6 guys standing around staring at it since 10 am apparently hadn’t anticipated that the street wasn’t going to dig itself up. Also intriguing that the “heavy equipment” that’s been here all day is apparently not the right kind of heavy equipment. Next question is whether the break can be, in effect, patched, or if a new section of pipe needs to be installed to replace the broken section.

    At one point there was great concern that the leaking water from the main was going directly into the electrical transformer and that would eventually flood, blow and we would also lose power – on the hottest day of the year.

    There clearly could be a better preparedness system for these issues and getting services restored to tax payers more quickly and efficiently.

    Please advise if you can get any action or answers on this issue.

    Thank you,

    Kristine and John Lewis
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    there is a number i once had for reporting small piles of broken glass following recycling truck pickups. a supervisor said call it and someone would come out to sweep. there are two or three plate-size piles of glass on east capitol between 3rd and 4th NE side, at least three piles in the north half of the alley between 6th and 7th north of and parallell to east capitol street; and at least two piles on 7th se turning right off east capitol st ,heading south (unit block). please send me the phone number or email or better, send this on to the sweepers. let me know something. thanks! we apreciate and support charles allen’s great work in our ward and city for bicycles, parks, decency, comity and other great causes!
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    Hello, I’m trying to get some information on a few issues

    (1) graffiti removal, a neighbor who lives on east capitol street has a structure behind my house that is covered in gang tags. How can I get help from the city in getting it removed? I have approached him about it in the past and he has been dismissive.

    (2) Do you have any information on the home surveillance video camera program?

    (3) I heard DC General family shelter closed. Where can I find more information on this? Where can taxpayers get information on how much $$ it is now costing taxpayers? I heard all the families have been moved into hotels at tax payers expense. When will the new shelters be open and where will they be located?

    (4) Who can I reach out to to discuss the residency requirement for enrollment in a charter or public school? It is getting crazy with the amount of kids that live in Maryland that DC taxpayers are funding. The schools do not care if the kids live in MD. Their goal is to educate and fill seats. DC residents should not have to put their lives and reputations on the line to report families. Proper verification of residency should be done by government employees of the schools. Parents are making fake pay checks, leases and w2 forms. It is getting outrageous. Thank you for your time attention to these 3 issues
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    DCRA is not holding landlord responsible for not repairing 19 long standing code violations which they have previously cited them on.
  • commented 2017-06-23 23:51:15 -0400
    Just a note to Councilman Allen to say thank you for the strongly worded letter to the Park Police and for taking a stand on these matters. Much of the news these days on race and criminal justice in our nation saddens me, and while the underlying Park police stop does the same, I am proud to be represented by someone who stands up to it. So bravo and keep it up!

  • commented 2017-06-23 19:25:36 -0400
    A young man has for the past week been sleeping in his car parked on our street. Are there any city resources or help that we could make him aware of or connect him to? Or connect him to assistance from nonprofits? He is not disturbing anyone so this is not a complaint, just a question wondering if there is something we do to assist him.
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    I am a member of the condo Board for the Carolina on the Hill condo building at 101 N Carolina Ave SE. Directly to the west of our large, white building is a very big, beautiful tree – but it is unfortunately a serious hazard. The tree is on DC Park ground (I understand it is considered to be part of Garfield Park). We are very concerned by some large dead branches on the tree. We are afraid that one of them could break off and seriously injure someone, perhaps even kill them as what happened earlier this year on Capitol Hill. We would appreciate it if the city government would remove these dead branches very soon. Would you be able to make sure this happens? We welcome any advice and action. Thank you so much! Best regards, Grace M. Kang
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    I own the above commercial property. It is rented to Mahmet Yalkin, Woven History & Silk Road. The tree in the tree box in front of the building has grown too high and is covering the top of the building and gutters. Mahmet has contacted 311 many times, but there has been no response. Who do we contact to get the tree trimmed? Thank you.
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    There’s a sinkhole in the sidewalk at approximately 617 14th Street NW. From SeeClickFix I can see that least six other people have reported this going back to February! This is not a run-of-the-mill missing brick, but a really signficant hazard.

    From SeeClickFix, I’ve been able to identify these service requests:

    SR #17-00290347







    I think there are really two issues here: one is the hole which needs to be repaired. I hope you can help get DDOT to act on that quickly. The other is that the 311 system is a joke, at least where certain agencies are concerned. There needs to be an accountability system for those departments that just let requests pile up and stay open forever.

    Thank you.
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    Wanted to voice some frustration with DPR and the pools. This website, updated just last month, says that the Lincoln Capper Children’s Pool (555 L ST SE) opens at 11 am ( We scheduled a swim lesson for my 4 year old daughter, and showed up this morning at 11. No one came to open the pool and finally left at 11:45 after calling 311 and not getting any answer except to call DPR on Monday. I’ve also noticed that many of the links on the DPR website for the pools do not work. Finally, noticed similar complaints for other pools on the Facebook website for DPR summer rec. this seems like an easy fix, but it’s very frustrating (and disappointing for a 4 year old!) to do the research on pool houra, get all ready for the pool only to show up to a closed pool with no information. Appreciate your help with this!

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    Dear Councilman Allen,

    I am writing to bring to your attention the absurd circumstances and poor customer service that I recently encountered at the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) while attempting to update my address and secure my current vehicle registration sticker, which was mailed to my previous address after I renewed my registration and paid online. I am requesting your help to resolve this issue.

    After filling out the requisite forms and waiting my turn at the DMV office on M Street SW, I was stunned when I was told that I could not move forward on receiving my current vehicle registration because I owed $1,120 in unpaid tickets from 2007/2008 time frame on a Ford Ranger with Virginia plates that was registered in my name at that time. I replied that I had most assuredly paid those tickets a long time ago, as required by DMV when I sought to register my vehicle in Washington, DC. When I moved from Virginia to DC and, in turn, switched my driver’s license and the vehicle registration on that same Ford Ranger to DC in 2008, per DMV’s rules I had to pay all outstanding tickets at that time. Further, in the intervening decade, I re-registered that Ford Ranger in DC multiple times, subsequently bought a new vehicle and registered that vehicle in DC, and renewed my DC driver’s license—all actions which require back tickets to have been paid. Why, a decade after the fact, does the DMV now think I have not paid my old tickets?! It’s absurd and defies logic.

    At the DMV’s M Street SW office, I was told that I had to go to Adjudication Services over in L’Enfant Plaza SW to resolve back ticket issues. So, I made the trip over to L’Enfant Plaza, waited in line and took a number. After explaining the circumstances to three different levels of staff at the hearings office, including Ms. Paula Coyoy, the Hearing Support Supervisor, I discovered a couple of things during my interactions. First, DMV apparently went through a database/software swap of some sort in the past decade. One agent told me that they had different data than the DMV representatives at the M Street SW office. I asked if that might not be part of the problem. Her overly swift retort was an immediate, “no.” Second, DMV’s current representatives have no idea why the many representatives I have interacted with over the past decade were not so astute as to notice what would be quite a glaring error if it were true, that I supposedly owed $1,120 in back tickets. Could it be because I do not, in fact, owe that money and actually paid those tickets ten years ago?? DMV’s current customer service representatives could not fathom, or at least would not acknowledge, that this could be the case.

    At no point in my recent interactions with any of the DMV’s customer service representatives was there an attempt to problem solve why after a decade of near yearly interaction with the DMV I suddenly was considered to be in arrears for $1,120 in tickets. Ms. Paula Coyoy, the Hearing Support Supervisor at L’Enfant Plaza, looked over my entire history (I first moved to DC in 1993) with the DMV and remarked positively, “You have quite a long history with us.” I responded, “Yes, I do, and I pay my tickets.” Her response: “You appear to, except in this instance….” Ultimately, DMV demanded that I produce a paper receipt to prove that I had paid my tickets a decade ago or I could not get my updated registration sticker for my car. I told Ms. Coyoy that finding such a receipt would not be easy under the best of circumstances, but in my case, I had moved three times in the last decade. Finding a decade-old receipt from DMV (which clearly I had no reason to think I would need anymore after having successfully acquired a DC license and multiple vehicle registrations over the years) or the applicable bank or credit card statement (after the passage of so much time, it’s hard to remember exactly what method of payment I used) would be nearly impossible. Ms. Coyoy agreed that finding a nearly decade-old receipt could be difficult, but that was my only option if I wanted to receive the new registration sticker that I had already paid for online. I put forth that such poor customer service and lack of initiative to problem solve this issue reflects badly on the DMV and feeds into the widespread perception by the public that DMV is a difficult bureaucracy that is inept and hostile towards the people that they are ostensibly in business to serve. Ms. Coyoy just shrugged.

    I am asking for your help resolving this issue, because I have exhausted the chain of command at the DMV Adjudication Services office, where I found the entire experience to be incredibly frustrating and exhausting. The inability of the on-the-ground employees to explain the contradictions in logic of decade-old tickets suddenly showing up as being unpaid and my registration sticker being used to try to extort more money from me is an experience I would not wish on anyone. Any and all help that you could lend to reach an amicable resolution of this problem would be greatly appreciated.


    Scott Lynch
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    June 13, 2017

    Dear Sir,

    The family of Autistic Disabled DCJail Inmate David Bright attempted to contact you last week; The tragic circumstance: 3 attempted suicide attempts, 3 surgeries. David ingested batteries on the Mental Health Unit where batteries are prohibited. Why are batteries allowed on the Mental Health Unit?

    Howard University Hospital deemed David to be ‘Mentally Incompetent’ …

    The family wants David transferred to ‘St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for psychiatric care or back to Howard University Hospital where they determined that David Bright is insane for mental health treatment.

    Please confirm that David Bright is alive, as family has been turned away from visiting him.His DCJail case managers to not respond to our inquiries.

    We are very disheartened, disappointed, and terrorized by these circumstances.


    Robin Bell

    Larry Bright, Jr.
  • commented 2017-05-31 19:58:54 -0400
    A neighbor sent me the email below about a police incident one block over from my house today. Needless to say, this is extremely concerning. I wanted to inform you of the situation and look forward to hearing from you about what you and our elected officials plan to do to address this huge public safety concern. We cannot have guns in and around our playgrounds. What will you do about it?

    Neighbor’s email:

    Hello neighbors

    I wanted to let everyone know that upon coming home today from picking my kids up from school, our alley was blocked off and there were police all over 3rd Place. They brought in a K-9 unit to sniff all over the 900 block of 3rd street alley. Apparently, three guys were in a stolen car loaded with guns. They got out of the car and started “throwing guns everywhere” – said a policeman I talked to. They found a handgun in the oval area on the other side of the tot lot. They also found a machine gun. They apparently caught one of the three guys. They haven’t found another gun, but the detective said they would send out police with metal detectors to make sure that it was clear. Especially since the incident happened near a playground.

    Anyway, we have a camera above our garage that points to the alley which caught some activity but not all. So I just wanted to implore our neighbors to take advantage for the city’s program which offers a rebate to houses that install cameras. If every side of all the alleys has a camera I think it would help deter this kind of action. Just a PSA as our family tries to process this incident.

    We have a such a wonderful neighborhood but we all have to watch each other’s backs-
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    Tree branch removal! About a month ago, after getting no response from the city, I removed some small branches from a tree in the tree box in front of our house. I did this because the branches were hanging down into the sidewalk and passersby had to dodge them as they walked past. Several of my neighbors thanked me for doing so. BEFORE I did this, I checked the DC311 website and saw that tree branches would be picked up as either bulk trash or “yard waste”. So after cutting the branches I made a request and got the usual auto-response emails giving me a pickup of May 24th which was nearly a month after the branches were cut.. The branches were not picked on the 24th and when I called the city and talked to two different people yesterday I was told that the city would not pick them up and that I would have to take them to Fort Totten or pay to have them picked up privately. This was understandably frustrating since this advice over the phone contradicts what’s on the DC311 website. Since the branches have been sitting there for a month, passersby have added random debris to the pile too. This is becoming a nuisance, not just an irritation. Can you please have someone come pick this stuff up? It’s not even that big a pile of stuff, in fact it’s gotten smaller because the leaves have now shriveled up. Please let me know if you can help get this taken over. Thank you!
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    My home is now bracketed on both sides by former family residences turned into short-term rental facilities. No one is living permanently in either facility. I would like to know more about DC regulations for such “air bnb”-like facilities and what protection we have against losing our neighborhoods to entrepreneurs.
  • commented 2017-05-17 11:31:59 -0400
    Hello Councilman Allen,

    My name is Hayden Aaronson. I live at 612 15th ST NE and I have a three year old son. I wanted to reach out and highlight a series of unfortunate crime events in our neighborhood over the last 5 months. There has been a drastic uptick in crime in the few block radius around our house.

    Here is a list of incidents, though I’m sure this doesn’t represent everything that has been going on:

    - In January two men were shot on 14th Pl NE, one fatally, around 630am in the morning on a weekday. This happened directly in front of homes with small children inside who could easily been awake at that hour.

    - In late February/early March there was a shooting in broad daylight at the corner of 14th and H sts.

    - As I know you are aware, a grisly murder occurred on 14th ST NE in late March. I am sure I don’t need to recount the chilling effect this had on our neighborhood.

    Related to this string of events, since January numerous families have either moved, put their houses up for sale, or told neighbors of their intent to move. Their decisions are probably motivated by multiple factors, but I know for a fact that recent crime in the area influenced decisions, in addition to the quality of schools in the area.

    I realize crime and poverty are inextricably linked in our city, and that these are complex issues that are difficult to solve. However, I want to stress that despite the seemingly inexhaustible demand for housing in DC, I believe the gains the city have made over the last decade are fragile in nature. Our family is reaching a point where it is hard to dismiss the crime we are experiencing as simply part of “city living.”

    I’m not sure what actions should be taken, if any, but I felt compelled to reach out and remind you that if your constituents cannot feel safe on our streets, or depend on the schools to provide a quality education, no new restaurant, bar, streetcar extension, or other amenity will keep families in the District from moving. We love our neighborhood, we love the diversity, the friendships, and the vibrancy, but we are worried and a little unsure about what is going on. I strongly encourage you to set up a meeting about the uptick in crime, even in the last few hours many neighbors have expressed concern about the state of affairs in the neighborhood after I posted a note on the listserv about this latest incident. I would be happy to coordinate with my neighbors. We have had a good collaboration with Commander Kane, but I think we need a more granular, day to day strategy to make sure we reestablish a feeling of safety in our neighborhood which has really been shaken with the recent events.


    Hayden Aaronson
  • commented 2017-05-16 17:36:33 -0400
    There’s a growing sinkhole in the brick sidewalk outside my building. It’s been there for several weeks and no one from the city has addressed the issue
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    One of the nets at the tennis court at Garfield Park has been broken now for almost a year. I have called National Park Service and DC Parks & Rec about this previously with no response. Can you help on this one? Thanks!!
  • commented 2017-05-04 09:43:43 -0400
    I’m writing again to request something be done about illegal left-hand turns onto M St. SW from south-bound 4th St. SW (at the Waterfront Metro station). Cars, commuter buses, and police cars (not in hot pursuit – no sirens, no lights, just – I am guessing – lazy) all routinely make that illegal left, and when they do, it’s when pedestrians crossing M St. have the crossing light. I’ve nearly been hit by a car several times and I’ve seen a number of other pedestrian close calls. It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed. Is there any way violaters can be issued tickets? We need a deterrence mechanism. Thank you.
  • commented 2017-05-01 12:11:51 -0400
    The street lights in the alley on the 400 block of 10th st. NE have not been working for over three months. I emailed Councilman Allen and Nicole Opkins last week about getting their help to get DDOT to come out and repair it but I have not heard back from them. The safety of our homes and neighborhood are compromised with an alley behind our homes that remain pitch black.

    Can you help us please get this repaired promptly? thanks.
  • commented 2017-04-29 07:52:25 -0400
    We have submitted several requests through the 311 portal to have the alley behind our home repaired. Not only is the alley home to standing water which breed mosquitos, but also the broken surface and poor condition is conducive to trash and illegal dumping. Our initial requests were made in 2015, and we were told it was either completed (not correct) or would be done within 120 days (nothing was done). Thank you in advance for looking into this.
  • commented 2017-04-25 13:32:16 -0400
    I currently live at 918 9th Street NE. I’m finishing up a renovation at 1114 I Street NE and was planning to move May 1/2. I called Washington Gas to set up gas service, and instead of turning on my gas, they removed the meter and shut off the gas. They claim that the meter had been illegally moved. We didn’t move it as part of the renovation so it must have been done by a previous owner. Washington Gas is telling me it will take 5-10 days just to get someone out there to evaluate what needs to be done to add the meter back. It’s probably another 6-8 weeks to do the work. I’ve already had to cancel my movers because I can’t pass final inspection without gas, and Washington Gas’ time frame is laughable. I’m paying double mortgage and would like to stop as soon as possible. More importantly, Washington Gas shouldn’t be able to just remove a meter/cut off the gas without a suitable alternative in place. The meter in the house next door is in the exact same location. It feels like a mistake and/or Washington Gas doing whatever the hell they want to do. Please help expedite Washington Gas’ work. Thanks.
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    I have a serious problem, concerning a constituent in your Ward Mr. Allen. She Homeless because of bed bugs infested in her apartment.
  • commented 2017-04-20 14:45:43 -0400
    What is being done to clean up the growing tent cities that have sprouted up under the train tracks leading to Union Station? The smell of human waste is becoming a nuisance, not to mention the litter strewn about. Several of these tents, particularly on K Street, are so wide that they block the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians into oncoming traffic. Signs have been posted saying the areas (K, L, and M Streets) would be cleaned, but to date, nothing has been done.
  • commented 2017-04-13 18:37:41 -0400
    Can something be done about the parking problem regarding the little league field behind Payne elementary? While the school was under construction the gate to the field was moved from the parking lot to it’s current location on D St which means that people using the field are parking on the street and not in the lot. This field is used almost daily from March through November and activities start before residents are home from work. This is unnecessarily frustrating to the residents of the street who have nowhere to park when they get home. It’s a very easy problem to solve; remove the current gate and relocate it to adjoin the parking lot where it has historically existed. If there were not alternative parking then I would understand needing to park on the street but there is a parking lot and there’s no reason to cause friction between the parents of the kids and the residents. There have already been several incidents and it will only escalate if something isn’t done. Seems like an easy win for everyone.
  • commented 2017-04-12 15:29:23 -0400
    seeking relief for trafficking victims who are family members