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  • commented 2016-03-03 11:30:10 -0500
    We have after hours construction going on at 99 M St SE. I’ve contacted DOB and they have a work permit to be working after hours from 7pm-5am. Many residents at Onyx have wondered how this was allowed given the after hour permit rule: It is hereby declared that

    excessive or unnecessary noises within the District are a menace to the welfare and prosperity of the

    residents and businesses in the area. It is the declared public policy of the District to reduce the ambient noise level in the area to promote public health, safety, welfare, and the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of the District. As well, it is declared by public policy of the District to facilitate the

    enjoyment of the natural attraction of the District. (DCMR 20, Sec. 2700.1)

    Construction work is apart of SE, but it should not ruin late nights and early mornings for the residents. Their after hours permit expires 3/5 and I was wondering what needs to be done to block any other after hours permit requests since this is endangering the overall welfare of the residents.

    There has to be something we can do.
  • followed this page 2016-03-02 09:19:26 -0500
  • commented 2016-03-02 09:18:40 -0500

    I saw the story on the girl who was tased and robbed in Southeast DC. It’s outrageous what’s happening out there.

    I’d like to help, in a small way, by sending a gift card. If I sent something to your office, would you be able to forward it to her? I don’t know her family’s name, but I trust that you know who I’m referring to.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can do.


    John Purdy
  • commented 2016-02-27 22:37:44 -0500
    Hi Charles,

    I’ll add my voice to the choir about 17th ST NE. It’s no longer safe to drive on it. I think it’s literally washed away and the construction has certainly taken its toll. Any insight you can share with the community on when it will be rebuilt?

    Thank you

  • commented 2016-02-26 14:33:51 -0500
    I have a mess of what are probably old phone and cable lines that cross my back patio. Who can I call to remove the old ones? Thank you.
  • commented 2016-02-23 20:02:02 -0500
    Re: DC seniors need help getting light bulbs replaced at Sherwood Community Center gym. I am a DPR volunteer working with the pickleball pilot program. On the average, there are 20 seniors each week who participate in the program at Sherwood. Since the middle of January, some of the gym’s lights have been out, making it difficult for seniors to safely move around the gym floor. We have asked DPR to replace the bulbs but were told it is not their jurisdiction. I am hoping you can be influential in getting this safety hazard fixed. Thank you, Karyn Baiorunos
  • commented 2016-02-23 15:14:05 -0500
    Hi Charles,

    Do you have any idea when 17TH ST is going to be repaired? Or when it’s going to be rebuilt with safety improvements and only one traffic lane?


  • commented 2016-02-22 15:09:24 -0500
    Huge thanks to Councilmember Allen and his office for helping me address a very serious problem by getting the city to fix a streetlight that was broken on my block for several months. It had left my house and the surrounding ones in shadow, a major security problem! After several calls to 311 got me nowhere, I contacted Charles Allen’s office through this page, and about a week later, the streetlight was finally fixed! Thanks both for all your policy work on the council and your dedication to your constituents!
  • commented 2016-02-20 08:57:27 -0500
    I am trying to fill the snow team form out, and it won’t take my typing. I would like to join. Please send a link that takes typewriting, or refer me to the library to use their computers.


  • commented 2016-02-10 17:07:48 -0500
    17th St NE south of Benning Road is desperately in need of resurfacing. It at the point where it damages cars (including my poor car).
  • commented 2016-02-09 20:37:46 -0500
    We just had a carjacking on our block last night at 730pm (500 block of 7th st se), and I don’t know if it’s directly connected but we’ve had a broken streetlight next to the new Mormon church that has been out since the church was finished. It’s an intolerable security hazard but it has sat unfixed for several months at this point, and my calls to 311 have done nothing. Can you please help to push the right people in the city to finally fix this light? With 2 small kids, and so much crime in the neighborhood, having my house in shadow is just terrible! Thank you!
  • commented 2016-02-08 11:31:41 -0500
    After paying $200 to park underground for $200 a month, the seniors have been told that effective February 22, they will be parking with the general public in Giant’s on 8th Street parking which has recently been plagued with robberies. Can you help us please?
  • commented 2016-01-22 13:19:07 -0500
    I am seeing an outrageous increase in parking issues on our street. Many issues stem from the local business traffic, increased high rise dwellers parking on the street, and now car to go users using the street as a fleet parking lot. This is completely over the top. I know the city gave car to go a sweetheart deal and they can park anywhere, but it took us 3 years just to get zone six only for one side of the street. This street has a thriving listserv of old residents and families with young children and we rely on parking in a decent proximity to our homes. Temporary residents that car share or commute from MD and VA are forcing us out of our neighborhood. Please explain how these non residents enjoy a priority over taxpayers and longtime residents.
  • commented 2016-01-20 18:46:21 -0500
  • commented 2016-01-20 18:44:31 -0500
    I am a a senior citizen and former DCPS teacher who has been trying to get my 401(a) account rolled-over to my current Ameriprise plan. In the spring of 2015 I initiated this process by completing a DC 401(a) Retirement Plan Distribution form and hand-delivering it to the DC Office of HR (approx. May 29th). After, approximately, two weeks, I contacted my VOYA representative about the account’s status. He informed me that it had to be recalculated. Soon after, the account appeared online. Subsequent inquiries about the account roll-over were met with the same response: “it had to be signed off on”. In August, I was informed that DCHR was changing its Deferred Compensation Plan service provider. VOYA was to be replaced by ICMA-RC and as a result no transactions would take place during a ten-day “blackout period”. My issue was to be further delayed.

    In late September I was told that I would have to re-submit my request on an ICMA-RC form. I faxed

    the new form to the Workflow Management Team and the number provided. After several calls to DCHR regarding my fax, it became apparent that it had not been received. Thanks, however, to the efforts of a Ms. Gary and a Ms. Murdock, I was advised to re-fax the roll-over form directly to their offices and a Mr. Heath Cohen (Nov.2oth). A follow-up call to Ms. Murdock’s office to check on my roll-over request resulted in the standard “it has to be signed off on” response. A call to Heath Cohen (to whom I had faxed the form) resulted in his referring me to Ms. Gary’s office. A number of times throughout December I have phone both Ms.Gary and Ms. Murdock’s offices. I have yet to receive a response. On Jan.12th I called the HR office about my account and was told, once again, that “it was being signed off on”, this time by a Mr.J. Cengize who became quite indignant and more concerned with my raising my voice than dealing with my issue.

    After more than six months of being given the “run- around”, I am at wit’s end and would like some some closure. Surely you can understand my frustration. I’m hoping your office can be of assistance.

    M. Lane

  • commented 2016-01-09 11:17:47 -0500
    Can you guys tell me why the Stewart Hobson field is always locked? It’s a great neighborhood resource but unlike Watkins and JO Wilson, never unlocked. Can you guys please help?


  • commented 2015-12-31 14:52:17 -0500
    Hi there

    820 K Street has built an illegal fence. They attached it to my house. I called DCRA and complained. They sent a cop from DC over to my home and threatened me. Then they came and inspected the problem and have decided that I built the fence and have fined me $2000.00 I have requested a hearing. Can you please have your General Counsel forward any and all correspondence regarding this matter that she might have to me or be so kind as to come to the hearing?? I am losing my mind over this. It is simply unbelievable. On top of it, the cop through all of their trash and debris from the fence onto my tarmac, took pictures of it and reported to the city that there was litter and trash and I got fined for all of it. When I called to the city and explained they said that they would take care of it and not to worry about it. It didn’t happen. Now I have a judgement. This is sheer insanity. I need assistance. Thanks
  • commented 2015-12-31 12:53:49 -0500
    How can you NOT allow active duty military officers to carry a weapon in your city? I spent 3 years killing Taliban and AQI. I am pretty familiar with guns. Also, when will you tell the homeless man on 6th and penn near the Citibank he can not keep all his trash there. It looks horrible and the smell of urine near the place is horrendous. Please discuss. Thanks. Glen.
  • commented 2015-12-22 08:37:19 -0500
    A non-city large garbage can has been abandoned on the sidewalk in front of my house for the past week. We made three 311 calls (most recent confirmation #1500343698) for removal but the can remains. In addition, there is an orange construction sign lying in a parking space directly in front of my home. If it is possible to expedite the removal of these items it would be greatly appreciated.
  • commented 2015-12-17 07:41:22 -0500
    A silver Mitsubishi Montero sport SUV with Maryland tags M869768 parked at the corner of 12th and D Street NE. This car has been there without being moved at all since June. It has been reported in “SeeClickFix” for multiple times and DPW refuses to take no action whatsoever. What does it take to get an more or less “abandoned” vehicle off our roads? Thank you, Felix Nienstadt
  • commented 2015-12-11 17:12:44 -0500
    House @ 1616 6th St.,NW, 20001 is constructing 2 more levels above the existing house. I have heard that the city was putting a restriction on people doing this sort of thing? The house next door to it did the same thing several years ago. We oppose this sort of construction on a residential street that has historical significance. It also restricts air flow to other houses during hot summer days. This sort of building is an eyesore to neighbors who have lived here for 30+ yrs. it seems like there is no limit to what is being allowed for new construction in our neighborhood. Many of the residents on the 1600 block of Marion St.,oppose the zoning officials decisions in allowing these recent permits. This construction is unfortunate as far as environmental concerns in our neighborhood as well. Is there nothing you can do as Councilman to help us?
  • commented 2015-12-11 12:56:18 -0500
    The fines assessed by the speeding cameras throughout Washington DC are outrageous!

    $200 for 11-15mph over and $300 for 16-20 mph over.

    I am a careful driver, have never had an accident or insurance claim and am continually assessed tickets in DC for parking and speeding mostly because there is an absence of clear signage both for parking and speeds. There is something wrong with the posted speed limit signs both in visibility and possibly in the actual speed limit being posted for the type of road.

    The city is making a fortune off of these cameras and the fees assessed are well above what they need to be to accomplish the goal of reducing speeding. The goal here appears to be make more money for the city.

    What will you do about this Mr. Allen?
  • commented 2015-12-09 10:13:25 -0500
    Our alley in rear of 100 block of NC Ave. SE (north side) has no outlet. Cars use the alley only to find that they have to turn around in a very tight space to go back as most folks don’t seem to be able to drive in reverse. My car has been hit twice by people making the turn around. How do we get a “no outlet sign” or “dead end” sign installed where the alley doglegs and obstructs the drivers’ vision of the dead end? I would be more than happy to meet with the installers to show them the exact spot I made reference to. Thanks.
  • commented 2015-11-21 18:57:47 -0500
    Make that three car accidents. Just occurred.
  • commented 2015-11-19 21:32:30 -0500
    Intersection of 10th and Massachusetts Ave NE—there have been two car crashes at this intersection since I moved in in August. I think this intersection needs one of those signs that says, “CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP.” Please check the police reports for the intersection to verify. I know this has or will affect my insurance rates.
  • commented 2015-11-19 12:25:16 -0500
    Am unable to purchase health insurance due to continuing IT issues when trying to log onto dc health link. Thanks for any reply whenever convenient.
  • commented 2015-11-12 16:51:03 -0500
    Illegal dumping. Mr. Allen there has been a mattress on our block for the past 3 weeks during which time I have submitted no fewer that 4 requests with a photo and clear location with a request for it’s removal. removal. It has migrated from in front of 401 13th to in front of 423 13th. Monday I received a notice from 311 saying the case was closed because the inspector couldn’t find it. What? It can be seen like a beacon from anywhere on this side of the block so long as someone is willing to do more than drive by. My neighbors at 423 tell me they have reported it multiple times and their brother in law as well. Thanks for your help. AF
  • commented 2015-11-11 21:49:22 -0500
    Hi Mr. Allen,

    I am having an issue with street parking for my condo building. I went to the DMV to get a street parking permit and was told that my condo (Capitol Hill Tower) is not zoned for street parking. The fee in my garage is quite high and I am not able to afford the soaring monthly rates. I would prefer to use the street parking for free but cannot obtain the proper pass from the DMV. Is it possible for you to help me out so I can use the street parking in my neighborhood?


    Meagan Clark
  • commented 2015-11-07 19:41:18 -0500
    The sidewalk on 5th street SE between E and G urgently needs to be fixed/replaced. Our 6 year old has fallen numerous time (luckily no serious injuries so far). Sidewalks all around us have been replaced over the past few years but for some reason we seemed to have been passed over. Attention to this important matter would be greatly appreciated.
  • commented 2015-11-07 18:55:50 -0500
    I know you have heard about the sidewalk problem on the 500 block of 5th St SE, but this has to be taken seriously as the condition creates a liability for the city due to the risk of falling. It is surely one of the worst sidewalks - both east and west sides — on Capitol Hill. Is there any way this can be moved to the top of the Sidewalk schedule? Thank you.