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  • commented 2015-09-01 21:56:48 -0400
    Dear Mr Allen

    Could you please comment on the Vice units having been taken off the streets. Why was this done and what did the city council expect to happen? I would also like to know if you supported this move at the time.

    Thank you
  • commented 2015-09-01 21:53:38 -0400
    Dear Mr Allen

    Could you please comment on the Vice units having been taken off the streets. Why was this done and what did the city council expect to happen? I would also like to know if you supported this move at the time.

    Thank you
  • commented 2015-09-01 13:37:28 -0400
    I just completed 2 weeks of jury duty in the DC Superior Court. A Chase debit card was provided for reimbursement for jury service ($34 per day). Unfortunately, Chase does not have any ATMS within Washington, DC, so accessing the cash provided by DC Superior Court requires the payment of ATM fees, which are imposed by both Chase and the local ATM.

    For individuals who report to jury service but are not required to serve, they receive a $4 commuter subsidy. In most cases, ATM fees associated with accessing the commuter subsidy will equal more than the subsidy provided.

    Chase is benefitting handsomely at the expense of the DC Taxpayer. Why?
  • commented 2015-08-29 11:59:08 -0400
    My daughter and I are the tenants of the building and owners of a restaurant called “The Alibi” located at the above address. For the past two years, we have been working amicably with DDOT in order to bring an enclosed structure on the property into compliance. The structure has been in place for 38 years and taxes have been paid for it use during this time frame. On Thursday, August 27th a DDOT hearing was held in which a decision was made that the structure be torn down in 21 days. We would greatly appreciate your help in obtaining a reconsideration of this decision based on the following facts. We were told by commissioner Matt Marcou by email on July 14th that our hearing

    was scheduled for Sept. 24th. We found out on August 24th that it was scheduled for August 27th. We tried to reschedule the pertinent parties that needed to attend, but were unable to do so. In addition, the ANC did not have an opportunity to weigh in on the matter with such short notice. DDOT’s decision was based in part on “evidence” a neighbor submitted, which we as the concerned party were not provided a copy of and, therefore, could not properly address. This neighbor has for the past 2 years harassed us and manipulated numerous DC agencies, including the Health Dept., the Gas company, the DCRA and the ABC Board, all in an attempt to shut our business down. The complete removal of the enclosed structure without an approved replacement has never been proposed nor planned for. It would greatly impact our business and in effect achieve our neighbor’s goal of shutting us down.
  • commented 2015-08-27 09:28:22 -0400
    New Jersey Ave. SE needs to be safer for pedestrians. At a minimum more signage needs to be installed indicating the mid-street crosswalk pedestrians now must use to go north/south on New Jersey Ave. due to multiple sidewalk closures. DDOT has been unresponsive to our ANC rep. so we’re hoping you can help.
  • commented 2015-08-24 10:51:49 -0400
    Mr. Allen,

    I am a resident of Ward 6, in the still relatively new Capital Quarter/EYA development of town homes. My wife and I received a letter from DC Water informing us of their new pipe surcharge. Because this is a new development, our home was required, by law, to have a fire suppression system. This also meant we were obligated to be outfitted with 2’’ pipes. Under DC Water’s surcharge guidelines, our monthly water bill will now increase by an astounding $41.35/month – $496.20/year (or $83.75/month if we didn’t have the fire suppression system).

    While I certainly appreciate the need to improve our infrastructure, it seems that homeowners with new construction and new pipes are being severely penalized with this new surcharge. From a math perspective I also question the logic of the pricing. A pipe with a 2’’ inch diameter has 4 times the area of a 1’’pipe. Yet homes with 1’’ pipes will pay $9.67/month – 866% less than what someone with a 2’’ pipe. The same math can be applied to homes with a 1.5’’ pipe. The area is 2.25 times the area of a 1’’ pipe, yet is being charged $41.35/month – a 428% difference.

    Finally, I am concerned with the abstract and indefinite timeline of this improvement project. “Even with the Water System Replacement Fee, it will take 100 years to replace all of the water pipes in our system,” our letter read. This message comes off as “we’re going to take our sweet time to make repairs to collect as much from our customers.” Much of the pipeline in the Capital Quarter/Yards Park are is new. Why are we being obligated to pay for new pipes at such exorbitant prices?

    Please let me know what you are doing to work with DC Water on this matter.
  • commented 2015-08-22 08:58:32 -0400
    The DC Water FY16 rates are going to have a major surcharge for residents who are in more recently built dwellings and therefore have (as required by law) water-based fire suppressions systems. I currently pay approximately $45 / month and don’t use much water (and generally avoid starting house fires), but the notice from DC water says I have a 2" meter and are therefore subject to the $83.75* monthly water system replacement fee. The new fee will be nearly double what my neighbors and I pay. DC Water’s example FY16 bill on its website shows a lowball $6.30 for the minimum charge, and the flier they sent with this unpleasant notice says 91% of DC customers have meters sized 1" and under. That may be because so many dwellings in DC were built before the new codes that require fire suppression systems — they should just have the 1" charge be the maximum charge for residential customers, and not punish people for choosing newer dwellings that are built to code. I’m fine with paying for my share of maintenance of our water system, but according to the new fee scheme, my share seems disproportionate given my actual usage. *There is a note that says DC Water is proposing to use the 1.5" fee for those whose meter is used for “demand” and “fire” flows, but that is still $41.35 — still an unduly high additional fee unrelated to actual usage.
  • commented 2015-08-20 16:57:59 -0400
    I’ve just heard that the city plans to take over the flea market at Eastern Market. Why did the city decide to make this decisions? And what impact will it have on vendors? I will also say that the current organizers have done an excellent job of recruiting and retaining vendors, as well as adapting to challenging circumstances, such as the Hines construction project. I’m not sure why stewardship of the flea market needs to be transferred to the city.
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  • commented 2015-08-17 12:09:07 -0400
    I’ve lived in Shaw since 2008. This has been the most terrifying year we’ve spent in this community. We knew that there was violence when we moved in, but the randomness of the violent crime and the fact that so much of it now happens during the day is outrageous. Add to that stabbings during muggings, stabbings not during muggings, violent assaults with multiple perpetrators, drive by shootings, semi-automatic gun fire, murders of innocents. We have a baby now. What are you and Mayor Bowser and Chief Lanier going to do about this? This is unacceptable. How can a tent with cops 24/7 really do anything? I used to take my daughter to Kennedy Rec center playground, but there was a CONSTANT craps game going on during the day when the rec center was open, many parents were smoking joints, drug sales both at 7th and O and 7th and P, and all the while cops were regularly stationed outside of Dacha beer garden. That’s community policing? Now several people have died. I can’t take my daughter to the park DC spent huge amounts of money on. We now must make preparations to leave the city just to be responsible parents.
  • commented 2015-08-16 10:19:17 -0400
    I live off of 7th Street. My roommates and I have started tallying gunshots this summer, as well as debating if a supposed gunshot actually was a gunshot. “Was that a gunshot? Yeah, I think so.” are questions and statements thrown about pretty casually at our house. When is your office, Mayor Bowser, Chief Lanier, etc going to start doing something about the violence up and down 7th Street?
  • commented 2015-08-11 11:48:33 -0400
    As a District government employee and W6 resident, I have had several concerned local businesses come to me regarding the Southwest Wharf project and the lack of opportunities for CBEs and local businesses being utilized for excavation work and other work on this extraordinarily project. I know in July you held a “bottoming out” ceremony for the first phase of work marking the 30,000th truckload of excavated dirt. I hope some of this work went to CBE companies as they are several that are perfectly suited for this type of work. Are you aware of any CBEs on this project? Please advise regarding your efforts to ensure local small businesses and CBEs benefit from this multi-million dollar project as well as other similar projects. Any information you can provide regarding this matter is appreciated.

    I thank you in advance for your attention to this matter and look forward to your response.
  • commented 2015-08-04 07:48:59 -0400
    Mr. Allen – When are the repair work on the 600 Block of Seventh St NE going to be completed and when is the street going to be repaved? Is the water work done? Is the gas work done? Any other work to be completed? I understand it was a hard winter, but this work started in February and was supposed to be completed in May. It is not the end of the world, but my neighbors and I are really looking forward to having a smooth street and parking we can count on. Any updates would be appreciated.
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  • commented 2015-07-31 13:16:49 -0400
    Recycling has not been picked up as of Friday. Again!

    Hi Charles. I know you hear about this all the time, but the residents and I are getting really angry on the 200 block of 10th and 11th, NE. Neighbors and I have made a bunch of calls to 311 this week. One neighbor told me he reached a supervisor at DPW and was promised that a truck would pick up the recycling 2 days ago but it never did. Would you be so kind as to put a call in for us? Thanks, del

    p.s. Please do not support efforts to get the Olympics here! Or the Football team that insults Native Americans and this American by using that derogatory name and logo.
  • commented 2015-07-27 14:41:25 -0400
    The ally next to our 30 unit condo building has not been cleaned in 10 years. It’s beyond gross at this point and probably a health issue. The dumping of oil from restaurants is making the problem even worse. We have filled at least 5 311 requests over the years and it is never addressed. Below is the link to the newest request we filed. Please help us!

  • commented 2015-07-26 11:34:17 -0400
    Hello Mr. Allen:

    I am writing to request that the parking on the north side of Morris Pl NE be made zone 6 only. Right now parking is unrestricted on this side of the street outside of the school year. This side fills up completely every workday with cars almost exclusively from Maryland. Essentially this has become free all-day commuter parking for these individuals, something that I do not believe DC should provide for people who pay their taxes mostly in another jurisdiction. It also makes it difficult for those of us who live here to find parking during these times. Many of my neighbors on this street also have these same concerns.

    Thank you,

    Melanie Baskurt
  • commented 2015-07-22 15:15:11 -0400
    Parking enforcement for NATs games. No place within 3 blocks of my house to park. Many illegally parked cars with no tickets. Please help!

  • commented 2015-07-13 22:40:12 -0400
    The Metropolitan Branch Trail needs mile marker signs from the District Line to Union Station. The lack of signs directly impacts emergency response time to incidents on the trail. 911 Dispatchers rely upon street intersections to provide assistance. However, the trail does not have a “street” name. Also, the District should consider placing cameras along the trail to assist with crime prevention or deterrence.
  • commented 2015-07-12 14:34:24 -0400
    I would like to request your help resolving a recent issue with parking in my neighborhood.

    When I got a car this past March and paid the city parking and registration fees, there was abundant available zone 6 parking around Water Street, SW. Since then, Wharf projects have slowly been taken up sections of parking spaces several at a time every few weeks—and now there is no parking on Water Street at all. Why is the city government OK with these wealthy developers taking up all of our parking without being required to minimize the harm and impact to the nearby residents?

    I feel that the city could have required the developers to maintain ample public parking as a condition their construction permits. I’d expect developers to make concessions to offset the spaces they consume with a plan for nearby neighbors.

    Please see what can be done to require the builders or have the city open some of the parking they removed from Water Street as soon as possible. Thank you.


  • commented 2015-07-03 09:20:19 -0400
    Construction on sundays and starting before 7am during week. Started at 6:30 today (federal holiday)

    Emailed with Sarah at dcra. On Monday. Said she would have an inspector out. No response to two more emails.

    Spoke to “Larry” supervisor for Goel, subcontracted by Coakley Williams. Said he’s “getting paid overtime”. By his company (Goel). When asked if he was aware that he wasn’t allowed to be working on a federal hold in dc, he declined to speak further.

    Coakley Williams was unavailable for comment
  • commented 2015-07-03 09:19:46 -0400
    Illegal Construction at Payne Elementary:

    Construction on sundays and starting before 7am during week. Started at 6:30 today 7/3/2015 (federal holiday)

    Emailed with Sarah at dcra. On Monday. Said she would have an inspector out. No response to two more emails this week.

    Spoke to “Larry” supervisor for Goel, subcontracted by Coakley Williams. Said he’s “getting paid overtime”. By his company (Goel). When asked if he was aware that he wasn’t allowed to be working on a federal hold in dc, he declined to speak further.

    Coakley Williams was unavailable for comment
  • commented 2015-07-01 15:10:02 -0400
    This past spring, the 400 block of O street SW was torn up a few times for water main work. The heavy equipment used was driven on sidewalks, over curbs and parked overnight on the traffic circle.

    The entire brick surface of the circle has been crushed. Curbs have been crushed and sidewalks cracked and sunken. The curb cut entrance to the garage of 400-410 O street SW building (where I live) has been severely damaged with the curbs obliterated into little stones that spread across the road daily.

    I assumed this would all be repaired when the road was partially resurfaced 2-3 months ago. It is kinda over the top that no one in DDOT (or the government at large) would come by inspect the work done and say to the pipe company “hey, your not done here by a long shot”!

    Grateful for the infrastructure work done now please fix the fix. Thanks. TS
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  • commented 2015-07-01 09:39:22 -0400
    I was issued two invalid parking tickets yesterday. One for not reporting for inspection despite the fact I have a valid inspection sticker displayed on the car (issued at 4:02pm on 6/30/2015). The parking enforcement employee requested a tow. The tow truck arrived but I discovered the situation and came outside at 4:04pm. The tow truck driver released the car and I moved it around the block.

    From 4:00pm – 4:04pm, the car was parked on the south side of K Street NE. This street has a rusk hour lane from 4:00pm to 6.30pm. However, the ticket I was issued did not relate to parking in a rush hour lane. I moved my car to the block of 11th Street NE between K and Florida Avenue NE at 4:05. I later came outside and found that I had been issued a ticket for parking in a rush hour lane at 4:17. However, at 4:17 I had already moved the car.

    I suspect that the parking officer realized she issued the wrong ticket as there has been ample press coverage of improper ticketing under violation No. P112) (see, However, at the time of the ticket I was not parked on K Street NE.

    I would like these tickets voided as they were improperly issued.


    Matt Mills
  • commented 2015-06-26 08:24:22 -0400

    Open air prostitution – On the 300 Block of K Street NE – 900 Block of 2nd Street NE – All of Parker Street NE -

    It is mind blogging how the transgender prostitutes are allowed to operate -

    They are out most nights and in packs on the weekends – They operate during throughout the night and well into the morning – The prostitutes are regularly observed during the morning hours as the residents go about their daily business.

    The prostitutes and pimps aren’t hiding what they do – The worst part is the prostitutes often use our stairwells to conduct their business and leave used condoms on the sidewalk and stairs – We wake up to urine, feces and used lube bottles.

    Quite frankly we are tired of hearing that this issue has always existed – Prostitution is a crime in Washington D.C. and unacceptable in a residential neighborhood – Our neighborhood is not a walkable safe neighborhood – Most residents won’t speak out because they fear reprisal by the pimps and prostitutes who are aggressive and can be quite dangerous – I wish more residents would take a stand on something this important -

    We can’t take it anyone -

    The District needs to take a progressive approach in dealing with prostitution on our city streets. The Council needs to review and strengthen the laws surround prostitution. MPD needs more tools in dealing with theses types of crimes. The city needs to step and stop being over cautious bring back prostitution free zones and take the streets back. The court and law enforcement must stop referring to these crimes are victimless and harmless. – If they really believe this then I suggest we move this operation to their neighborhoods –

    We just need someone who gives a damn – bottom line –

    Thank You
  • commented 2015-06-25 21:10:02 -0400
    I have two questions:

    1. Do you know when the DC Circulator Navy Yard Route will be extended into SW? There were supposed to be plans to extend the route down M Street and through I Street, I believe.

    2. Would it be possible to remove some parking meters and replace it with more resident parking along I Street? There are several meters on I Street that I see are very vacant, and parking is very limited in this area.
  • commented 2015-06-10 17:34:02 -0400
    Employment Opportunities for Ward 6 Residents

    Affordable Housing for Seniors/Residents in Ward 6 in the redevelopment of the Southwest Waterfront Corridor.
  • commented 2015-06-10 17:22:36 -0400
    The grass directly outside of the Perry Center, Inc. located at 128 M Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20001 needs to be cut. The grass is thigh high and people have begun to use it to dispose of trash and other items. On April 28 a claim (ref. No. 1500126609) was submitted to the city’s Dept. of Public works requesting the grass to be cut. Still the has not been cut. Today, June 10, I called to inquire again about the grass being cut and was told I needed to contact the Dept. of Parks and Recreation, was unable to speak to anyone. I am requesting your assistance in this matter as I have been unsuccessful in doing so. Thank you, Ms. George
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