Councilmember Allen Introduces Bicycle Awareness License Plate Act

IMG_3841.JPGToday Councilmember Charles Allen introduced the Bicycle Awareness Motor Vehicle License Plate Amendment Act in recognition of Bike To Work Day 2016, a regional event in support of bicycling as a healthy commuting option that saves money, reduces traffic congestion, and improves air quality.

This bill will increase safety for bicyclists on the road by allowing motorists to buy specialty automobile license plates that emphasize the 3-foot minimum passing law and by assigning the $25 application fee and annual $20 display fee for these specialty plates to the Vision Zero Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Fund.   

Councilmember Allen said, “Like many, I sometimes commute by bike, and at other times I commute by car. And sometimes, I’m just riding my bike on our neighborhood streets to get around my community. I know the safety challenges cyclists face every day and too many cyclists are injured or killed each year in traffic-related crashes. Many other states already offer some version of a ‘3-foot passing rule’ bicycle safety awareness automobile license plate. These tags promote safe driving practices around bicycles, recognizing that the roads are for all users and traffic-related injuries are preventable.”

The text of the bill is available here.

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