For over a decade, Charles has worked in Ward 6 neighborhoods, helping bring about school reform, working with small businesses, and improving our community. His years of public service to Ward 6 mean he knows and understands neighborhood issues like no one else.


Councilmember Allen's Committee on the Judiciary approves campaign finance bill restricting pay-to-play contributions

Today, the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee unanimously passed Committee Chairperson Charles Allen’s omnibus campaign finance reform legislation (Bill 22-0107), which proposes sweeping changes to... [MORE..]

Ward 6 Neighborhood Update 10-10-2018

Wow, the fall legislative session is in full swing and there's a whole bunch happening. Of course, the two major votes last week on Initiative... [MORE..]

Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety to vote on bills decriminalizing fare evasion, modifying statute of limitations for sexual offenses

Tomorrow, October 4, the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety will vote on a bill that would decriminalize fare evasion on WMATA trains and... [MORE..]

Release: Councilmember Allen to hold joint hearing investigating fire and response at Arthur Capper Senior Building

Following the fire last Wednesday at the Arthur Capper Senior Building, approximately 160 senior residents were displaced from their homes. All of the seniors are... [MORE..]

Read: Councilmember Allen opening statement on Vision Zero hearing

Here are the written remarks delivered by Councilmember Allen (Chair of Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, which includes oversight of the Metropolitan Police... [MORE..]


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