Constituent Services

Our Constituent Services team is eager to help you solve a problem or make your block better! Please fill out the form below, and someone will be in touch.

BUT, before you do that, it helps us help you if you've already reported the issue to 311 (the District's central non-emergency reporting number). Please submit a report to 311 here, and then include the assigned 311 # in your request below. 

Filing a 311 report online or using the 311 app (it's easy to upload photos!) is even better:

  • The notes are more accurate in your own words
  • Be sure to attach a specific address
  • You can attach a picture of the issue that can offer additional context/information
  • You can track your requests and get updates from the agency
  • Agencies use 311 requests to map larger issues and make decisions about devoting resources through the 311 system

Thanks for reaching out. Let's get your problem solved!