Handicap parking placards for newborns (up to 3 months)

Newborns and their parents experience the same mobility challenges as a person in a wheelchair and therefore will benefit from being able to access parking in available spaces near a handicapped accessible entrance. For instance, like a handicapped person, a newborn in a stroller cannot enter buildings through non-handicapped accessible entrances and faces challenges (e.e., heat/cold exposure, bumpy/blocked sidewalks and construction detours) when traversing long distances downtown to reach a destination, maneuvering it along the sidewalk and into an accessible entrance. Like the handicapped, newborns and their mothers have numerous doctors appointments downtown. To boot, many of the mothers pushing these strollers in the early months are recovering from C-sections or other operations or simply from the rigors of childbirth. Newborns also need to eat frequently, which can delay residents from returning to a space to move the car or feed the meter. This would be easy to implement, e.g. by making available upon request at DC hospitals to DC residents parents of a newborn a handicap parking placard with a 3-month limited term, and would make the city more accessible and livable for the growing population of parents.

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