Legislative Priorities & Laws Passed

Since joining the Council in 2014, Councilmember Charles Allen has introduced legislation that solves big and small challenges for Ward 6 residents. Below is a listing of key legislative priorities and laws passed with Councilmember Allen's efforts.

Since 2016, Councilmember Allen has served as the Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety. For Council Period 24, he serves as a member of the following Council committees:

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Legislative Priorities & Laws by Charles Allen


  • Books from Birth - One of Councilmember Allen's first laws passed set up the Books From Birth Program, which partners with Imagination Library and DC Public Library to mail one book a month to registered households with a child under the age of 5. The program targets areas of the city with lower rates of literacy. The program has mailed more than 150,000 books to kids across the city - with nearly half of the city's eligible children participating in the program.

Co-intro: Public School Nurse Assignment & Pre-K Student Discipline, Youth Suicide Prevention and School Climate Act

: Councilmember Allen has taken on ensuring lead levels are monitored and safe in DC schools, ensuring at-risk dollars are reaching the classroom, and more.

Public Safety:

  • Firearms Safety Omnibus Amendment act - Passed at the end of 2018, this bill included a number of laws to help reduce gun violence in the District of Columbia. 
    • Extreme Risk Protection Order, or Red Flag Law - Councilmember Allen wanted a "red flag law" suited to the District's unique circumstances to ensure it would help get a dangerous gun out of the hands of someone likely to do harm to others or themselves. FAQ here. CBS 9 Coverage of the bill here.
    • Raising penalty for possessing an extended magazine
    • Banning the use of bump stocks on firearms 
  • Youth Rehabilitation Amendment Act - Overhaul of the landmark bill that seeks to help young people rehabilitate after committing an offense and avoid becoming a repeat offender.
  • Private Security Camera Rebate Program - Learn more about this program here

Co-intro: Rail Safety, Motor Vehicle Collision Recovery (comparative fault), Substance Abuse and Opioid Overdose Prevention, NEAR Act 

Family and Senior Issues:

Co-intro: Access to Contraceptives, home purchase assistance program, minimum wage and universal paid leave (the last two lead into our work supporting small business too), Healthy Hearts of Babies

Small Business:

Housing for All

Housing Conversion and Eviction Clarification Amendment Act of 2019: https://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B23-0048

Public Health 

  • Maternal Mortality Review Committee 

The Environment & Reducing Climate Change's Impact

  • Commission Climate Change and Resiliency - Established a new commission in the District focused solely on preparing the District for a changing climate and recommending ways to mitigate the worst effects

Transportation for a 21st Century City

Making Government Work for Everyone

  • Fair Elections Act - Created the District's first public campaign financing program that banned corporate and PAC donations, limited the donation from residents, and provides a 5 to 1 match to return political campaign's focus where it belongs: with the residents.
  • Campaign Finance Reform Amendment Act - Omnibus overhaul and strengthening of campaign finance laws, including banning political contributions by corporations doing business with the District government, limiting (Washington Post)
  • Ballot Access Modernization - Allows candidates for office or organizers for petitions to collect signatures via mobile or tablet devices, syncing with Board of Elections databases. 
  • Automatic Voter Registration - Creates an opt-in for eligible voters who are getting an ID or driver's license at the DC DMV and coordinates with Board of Elections. 

DC Community Life: