In-Lane "Pull-Over" Ban along H St Corridor

With the rising commerce that is attracting people from outside the immediate area to H St, the rise in Uber/Lyft and typical passenger drop-offs has increased, increasing traffic and danger to a high number of passenger cars stopping dead in the right lane to either drop off or pick up passengers to a business along H St. Whether abrupt and unsignaled or signaled and cautious, these cars are stopping a heavily trafficked area where only two lanes may move in either direction and the left typically has left-turn hopefuls. With the opening and frequent operation of the DC Streetcar and consistent and reliable X2 bus-service, which also cause [more predictable and expected] stops along the right lanes, there isn't a reason this ban would be unfavourable by anyone except Uber/Lyft drivers. They should be made - along with any other taxi or typical driver dropping off/picking up - to pull up and stop instead on one of the cross streets and let passengers in/out at a corner. It would help allow for passengers to comfortably take their time getting out and help keep drivers from on and off braking while searching for passengers if they have a definitive corner to go to rather than a business name or address. This is true not just along the corridor between Benning and Union Station (up to the Giant at H and 3rd), but between North Capitol and Massachusetts, before the Wal-Mart especially. A pull-over ban on this area when there are not spots for a car to pull into and actually give the lane to traffic would benefit not only transportation, but safety for a) the stopped car, b) pedestrians who might attempt to cross in front of the car and be unseen by cars coming from behind the stopped vehicle, c) passengers getting in/out of a vehicle, and d) all traffic surrounding the would-be stopped vehicle. Currently, the entire strip is a risk for all.

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