Traffic Issues at Southeast Blvd SE and M St SE/11 St SE

TO whom it concerns, Traffic at the Southeast Blvd, on ramp and off ramp, are constantly being used against traffic signage. Lanes designated for straight only are constantly being used to make illegal turns which causes not only potential road rage incidents but also accidents themselves. Turn only lanes are just as constantly being used to go straight. This evening there was a traffic director who did absolutely nothing to enforce commuters and dump trucks from making illegal left hand turns from M St SE onto 11 St SE. This caused not only confusion but a great deal of back up for traffic running in all directions. The Southeast Blvd and M St SE/11 St SE intersections are a completely disaster when it comes to following proper road signs and road laws. There is absolutely 0 occasions where I have seen anything being done to deter driving in this way. Is there someone else who I should be directing these issues too? Regards, Scott

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