Budget Town Hall Brings Together Hundreds of Ward 6 Residents

If you missed our 2017 Ward 6 Budget Town Hall, you can watch the Facebook Live video here and download Councilmember Allen's presentation here

On Monday, April 24, more than 100 Ward 6 residents came together to hear a budget primer from Councilmember Charles Allen before asking questions and sharing concerns for next year's budget for Washington, DC. 

Held in Jefferson Middle School in Southwest to highlight Councilmember Allen's priority for more dollars to improve school modernization, the wide-ranging discussion touched on the major points of the Mayor's proposed budget, and steered into all corners of Ward 6 and public policy.IMG_2870.JPG

Councilmember Allen ran through the pending tax triggers, explaining his support for raising the standard deduction for individuals and families and lowering the business franchise tax. However, he remained open to delaying implementation of raising the threshold for the estate tax as proposed from $2 million to match the federal level at $5.5 million. 

"Budgets are about choices. If we delay the estate tax and use that money to modernize our schools, I am ready to make that choice. It's good for our Ward 6 schools, our city schools, and our young families who call the District home," said Councilmember Allen. "If I look at this only from a tax base perspective, I think more people are deciding to stay in the city or moIMG_2910.JPGve out based on the schools for their kids."

Other questions included from managing traffic, public safety, and environmental concerns along the waterfront as The Wharf and Buzzard Point develop and planning the District's future with the uncertain support from the federal government.  

The event was broadcast on Councilmember Allen's Facebook page, expanding the event to hundreds more who could watch and offer questions.

If you missed the Town Hall, the video is available on Charles' Facebook page.
You can download a copy of Councilmember Allen's presentation, which explains the budget process before walking through the Mayor's proposed budget in key areas for the city.

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