Security Camera Rebate Program Now Accepting Applications

map_24x24_1D_2014_0.jpgWe've talked in the past about public safety concerns and the important role a Security Camera Rebate Program could play in helping MPD with more eyes on the street. I was very proud to lead this effort at the Council and have been working hard with the Mayor's team to get this program up and running. Earlier this week, the Mayor released the application and eligibility guidelines for rebates. I appreciate that she’s moved quickly to get this program started.

Her proposal tracks very closely with what the Council passed with my legislation. One aspect I had pushed on in particular was to greatly expand the number of eligible neighborhoods for the program. Crime can be highly mobile and it's been shown these types of cameras can make a difference. 

Five PSAs in Ward 6 are eligible – specifically 104105107108, and 507. The application is available online here. I am working with the Mayor to add more of our Ward 6 PSAs (which includes the 1st, 3rd, and 5th police districts) and fighting to have them included when the final regulations are published in about 30 days.

Below are a few of the specifics (and the full details are here):

  • Rebates are eligible for camera systems purchased and installed after September 22, 2015.
  • Systems must be registered with the Metropolitan Police Department.
  • Residents, businesses, non-profits, and religious institutions are eligible.
  • The program provides a rebate of up to $200 per camera, with a maximum rebate of $500 for a residential address, and $750 for all other addresses.
  • Specific guidelines on minimum and recommended specifications on the cameras and system can be found here.

Thank you again for all of your continued interest and support as we work to improve safety in every one of our neighborhoods across the city. There is a lot of interest in this program. Please share this information and details to your friends, neighbors, and community.

Charles Allen

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