Councilmember Allen Calls for Censure, Removal From Committees For Councilmember Evans

Statement from Councilmember Charles Allen:

“The memo and investigation released via WMATA make it clear that Councilmember Jack Evans took advantage of the public’s trust for his personal gain. He also betrayed the Council’s trust in appointing him to this role - and has done damage to this body and the District of Columbia. It was the right decision for him to step down from the Board. When the Council voted to reprimand Councilmember Evans earlier this year, we did so understanding new evidence of misconduct could come to light based on pending investigations. With what has been revealed by WMATA’s internal ethics investigation, I believe Councilmember Evans should be censured and removed from all Committees, including as Chair of the Committee on Finance and Revenue, until we have a resolution to any federal investigation.

There is no scenario in which Councilmember Evans’ conduct is inappropriate for his service as our representative to the Metro Board, but somehow acceptable as a Councilmember. However, Councilmember Evans served on the Metro Board at the request of the Council. He was elected as a Councilmember based on the voice of Ward 2 voters. That is a much higher standard and I believe at this time that censure and removal from all committee is the appropriate next step until the Council and the people of the District of Columbia know more.”

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