Councilmember Charles Allen Comments On APTA Letter

WASHINGTON, DC – This afternoon Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen issued the following statement regarding the findings of the APTA peer review panel of the H Street / Benning Road Streetcar system:

“I support the DC Streetcar program and believe it will help the District better connect neighborhoods and encourage growth in our communities.  To be sure, I want the DC Streetcar to be safe, reliable, and efficient, so I appreciate the clear-eyed review led by DDOT Director Dormsjo and the assistance of APTA to identify what work remains and lays out a path forward so we can open the line for passengers.

The District has asked a great deal of our small businesses on H Street and Benning Road, the surrounding neighborhood, and the residents. I expect DDOT to address APTA’s checklist items with all due speed and develop a plan to move the H Street / Benning Road Streetcar line forward, connecting it to downtown and to neighborhoods to the east.”

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