Hands Off DC. One year later, what's next?


One year ago, the DC community rallied together to push back on interference in our locally passed laws and attacks on our District values. After years of dealing with Congress restricting our ability to pass and implement our own laws and facing a new presidential administration intent on rolling back important legal protections, residents finally said, "Hands Off DC," and organized together to take action.

One year later, the Hands Off DC movement continues to stand up for the District and against interference in our local laws. So, what’s next? When the president promises a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue one day and proposes eliminating the DC Tuition Assistance Grant Program the next, we still have our work cut out for us. Whether it’s defending women’s access to healthcare coverage or fighting off Congressional riders to block our ability to spend local funds on local laws, it’s crucial we keep speaking up and standing together.

On Emancipation Day, Monday, April 16, we will join forces with DC Vote for their annual District Lobby Day. District government offices and DC Public Schools will be closed, so bring the kids and let’s spend the day on the Hill fighting for a more equal DC. Sign up here now and make sure you save the date. We’ll share more details here as plans come together, as well as on the Hands Off DC Facebook group.

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