Second Letter to BZA Regarding Zoning for Pacci's

The following letter was sent by Councilmember Charles Allen on to the Board of Zoning Adjustment regarding their pending case for Pacci's, who applied to re-zone the second floor of their building for expanded seating for their restaurant. 

March 12, 2024

Board of Zoning Adjustment
1100 4th Street, SW, Suite E650
Washington, DC 20024

Dear Chair Hill and Members of the Board of Zoning Adjustment:

Thank you for the opportunity to continue to weigh in on BZA Case #20996. I followed your discussions on January 31 and March 6 of this year and appreciate the Board’s consideration of Pacci’s application. I am writing to follow up on my previous letter and once again strongly urge you to grant a variance in this case. You will find no greater champion of mixed-use zoning to transform our neighborhoods into walkable, vibrant communities, but we must also make decisions grounded in the community’s needs and wishes. To that end, co-signing this letter are 1,225 residents who live near the property and support granting a variance.

After listening to the discussion, particularly at the March 6 hearing, I wanted to respond to arguments raised by Board members:

  • Much of the disagreement seemed to revolve around the idea that because this building is zoned for first floor retail with residential above, it should be successful because there are plenty of buildings in the District that are zoned in the same manner. The applicant’s building was even compared to a much larger condo building on the same block that has a laundromat on the first floor. However, this is a poor comparison, because the building on the corner is substantially larger, with seven condo units above the first-floor retail, while the residential space in this case is significantly smaller.

  • There is a much more analogous case the Board should consider in which the Board and OP supported a variance: Case #20489. This was included in the record as part of my December 6, 2023 submission. In that case, the building’s size (1,689 square feet) and construction are much more similar and a far more useful comparison in determining hardship. The Board should draw a more rigorous distinction between larger buildings and small buildings here – and I would ask the same of the Office of Planning (“OP”).

  • Additionally, listening to OP maintain its opposition in the face of a very thorough and responsive presentation from the applicant to OP’s stated concerns, and only for OP to offer little substantive response, was quite discouraging. On multiple occasions, the discussion between the Board and OP implied that the building’s second floor could host one or even two residential units, which is unrealistic if you have been to the second floor. The building is small. There is no realistic way the second floor could be two units; in fact, the total square footage of the building is just 1,540. OP’s opposition simply does not feel rooted in the facts of the case, and instead seems to rely on an attenuated reading of the rules without recognizing that the obvious result of its opposition is a – once again – empty building in an otherwise vibrant neighborhood.

I respect that the roles of OP and BZA are to apply the rules of the road in line with our values for growth and housing preservation. However, Board members must also acknowledge the gray areas, to paraphrase Chair Hill. While the Board’s direction is to give great weight to OP, BZA is the arbiter and not OP. You are empowered to determine when a situation warrants a deviation from the norm. I am arguing, along with more than a thousand directly impacted neighbors, that this is such a case.

As I mentioned in my first letter, while I wish the applicant the best in their business endeavors and want to them thrive in this space, I am advocating here on behalf of my constituents who are tired of this space sitting vacant because it is clear the existing zoning is not workable. Pacci’s will be the third restaurant to open and close on this site in a decade if a deviation is not granted. Given the public nature of this case, I also worry about the deterring effect this will have on future small, local businesses interested in opening in our neighborhoods.

I urge the Board to grant the relief requested, and thank you for your consideration.


Councilmember Charles Allen, Ward 6

Chairperson, Committee on Transportation & the Environment
Chair, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments



Commissioner Amber Gove, 6A04

Commissioner Roberta Shapiro, 6A03

Commissioner Frank Avery, 6B01

Commissioner Matt LaFortune, 6B07

Eileen Dougherty

Paul Dougherty

Keegan Conway

Martha Huizenga

Matt Wade

Heather Diehl

Marcia Hoexter

Gerald Glandon

Elizabeth Kaehler

Jeni Schoemaker

Hubert Schoemaker

Moira Egan

Megan Fink

Phyllis Jane Young

Harris Parnell

Candace Gibson

Shavanna Miller

Britt Stuart

Dana Weiss

Steve Beam

Leslie Tentler

Kathleen Smith

Michael Weiss

Jean O’Friel-Quigley

Analiese Marchesseault

Keith Morris

Beth Bauer

Gillian Buckley

Ann Keep

Christian Sheehan

Derek Thorn

Benjamin Dunlap

Margaret Moral

George Ghanem

Adrienne McCann

Patricia Petty

Stephanie Sarvana

Elizabeth Buhr

Emily Ackley

Brooke Jamison

Rachel Mendelson

William Douglass

Megan Renee Walker Grimaldi

Alice Reed

Lindsey Hill

Sarah Hais

Adam Hais

Christopher Salm

Hannah Bergman

Barbara meuerhoefer

Cait Cusack

Danielle Quercia

Marina Salcedo

David Pinchotti Jr.

Cynthia Frickle

Lora Nunn

Tiffany Chen Cardona

Jared Binstock

Katherine Wright

Jim and Lisa McGovern

Eleanor Wasserman

Jacob Heim

Carol Sadler

Steve Geimann

Adrienne Blaylock

Kelly Beaty

Rebecca Goldberg

Kathy Von bredow

Tyler Wilson

Andrew Blaylock

Philippe Bohec

Phil Paparodis

Sara harr

Pooja Patel

JP Kraal

Brian Kesten

Grace Harter

Karena Dees

Thomas Coyne

Jennifer  lee

Jonathan Goldman

Warren Tryon

Brian Beaty

Cal Trepagnier

Gregg Treml

Travis Siehndel

Stephanie Getty

Christine White

Erin Bibo

Mary Wonnenberg

Kathleen Lanigan

Rebecca Watson

Grace Harter

Terry Montgomery

Sarah Smith

Katie Towt

Mark Grace

Brett Reynolds

Ben Wasserman

Jason Saxe

Arabella kohlmeyer

Gareth Jones

Steven Ramiro

Michele Adelson

Mark Adelson

Phyllis Slesinger

Melissa Hoppmeyer

Aimee Storm

Katie Burke

Helen Haislmaier

Adam shapiro

James Tomlinson

Heather Bien

Jamie Gregorian

Katie Coester

Star Ulosevich

Virginia Stocker

Gerard Stocker

Dana Koffman

William Grimaldi

Kjersten Drager

Bertram Wyman

Kristin Ghanem

Stella Drager

Judith Epstein

Katie Rollins

Robert Morgan

Allie Morgan

Maggie Sullivan

Sandra George

Ryan Keating

Matt Frutig

Charla Bason

Reyna Taylor

Amy Jones

Arleigh Gong

Ashley Wetzel

Carl Ford

Elizabeth Beam


Tracy Gerstle

KateLyn Smith

Brad Greenfield

Phil Drager

Alyson Sincavage

Suzanne Wells


Linda Meixner

Ben Sheppard

Jordan Logue

Jose Manuel Silva vela

Benjamin Collins

Sara Conrath

Zef Delgadillo

Julianne Bythrow

Cory Bythrow

Andrew Marchesseault

Anne Taylor

Jamie Fisher

Elizabeth Corinth

Kelly Waud

Emily Rohlffs

Emily Taggart

Darrell Zlotnick

Alanna Tondi

Jessica solka

Taylor Phares

Leda Bloomfield

Alison Hard

Michael Taggart

Lorna Isaac

Edna Boone Temaner

Charito Corvin

Allie Medack

Amanda hines

Carly Schwarzenberg

Christine Maffuccio

Jessica Palumbo

Jacqueline Firth

Brian Patrick Brown

Theresa Dipeppe

Jonathan Hawkins

Agathe Pierot

Adel Pappas

Caroline Cassidy

Diane Francovitch

Michael Francovitch

George Doukas

Grant Couch

Caitlin Kekacs

Paul Barbour

Edgar Cobos

Katherine Kelley

Jean Blackerby Strich

Vikas Madhav Gore

Scott Day

Bryan Blom

Jake Maccoby

Luis Arrazola

Molly Sober

Nicolien Buholzer

Kelly Wismer

Gail Walker

Kathia Coupry

Conor Bernstein

Zachary Klein

Tiffany Davidson

Zealan Hoover

Corinne Cannon

Matt Leard

Allison McGill

Erick Gustafson

Joe Weissfeld

William Schultheiss

Sandra Moscoso

Eric Wortman

Tuley Wright

Maggie Adams

Jacquelyn Glidden

Toby Douthat

Bryan George

Aletheia Donald

John Fisher

Allison Myers

Joshua Smith

Margaret Van Cleve

Greg Hawkins

Patrick T. Bond

Andrew Palczewski

Charlotte Mckiver

Richard Meyer

Quinn Chasan

Colin Spodek

Elliot Mamet

Jay Sirot

Meagan Foster

Jennifer Ciardelli

James L. Bullock

Diane Nathanson

Lauren Clyne Medley

Tim joslyn

Jamie Roberts

Kelly Maloney

Josh Raymond

Kenneth Thomas Baker

Jennifer Howard

Mark Jordan

Tobi Jegede

Ashley Schapitl

Christopher Haverkamp

Andrew Lyons

Elizabeth Layton

Casey Murray


Colin Ross

Micah Messenheimer

Norma Megerian

Aaron Zucker

Haig Megerian

Eric Miller

Damian Conway

Hailey Snow

John Camarillo

brett widness

Logan Blaylock

Stephen Ching


Jean Godwin

Kit Conway

Alex Kasner

Kelly Monro

Scott Burger

Abigail Gumbiner

Mary Ann Brazell

Josh Gold

Will Anderson


Diana Quinn

Colin Leach

Annette Alsop

Jason Maga

John Lancaster


Israel X Nery

Carolyn Bowen

Jeff Dobrozsi

Greg Toulson

Jessica Tollestrup

Rachel Leitzinger

Daniel Roberts

David Klevan

Patrick Maloney

Joseph Heagerty

John Geise

Robin Colaninno

Anne Larson

Reid Alsop

Logan Ferree

John Becker

Sarah von der Lippe

Ian Byrne


Lucia DiVenere

Zach Graves

Crystal Geise

Agnieszka Paczynska

Emily Martin

Jill Cashen

Shikha Dalmia

Steve Perry

Tim Dube

Julia Smeltzer

Lina Mann

Andrew and Susan Jampoler

Greg Zielinski

Robert Percival

Natalie Lemmo

Zach Lowe

Jordana Rubel

Kyle Simpers

Hadley Diffley

Courtney McCaffrey

Becca Buthe

Barbara Larkin

Susan Kitun

Sarah Wilso

Jay Williams

Bethany Carcone

Amelia Goerlitz

David Goerlitz

Chris Trice

Donald Montuori

Andrew Freitas

Matt Arnn

Elizabeth Perl

Robin Hawks

Cara Freitas

Olivia Kohler-Maga

Dan Lips

Hallie Coatney

Ben Poulos

Trish Petty

Bo Deppen

Leslie Lindsey

Thomas Mark

Mark J. Ugoretz

Jennifer Linda Ibrahim

Diane Weinberger

Jennifer Kuhn

Kim Quarantello

James Brooks

Joal Mendonsa

Valerie Montana

Dolores Rowen

Estela Patron

Adina Wadsworth

Stephanie Siegel

Emily Greif

Somee Kim

Renee Stikes

Clare Dougherty

Amy Thom

Christopher Griffin

Joelle Buchanan

Nicolette L.

Joshua L.

Rachel Lipson

Helene Monteil

Anna Villavicencio

Erin Corcoran

Joi Martin

Nancy & Albert Swingle

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Jackie Krieger

Michael Sheridan

Max Leinweber

Ian Stutzman

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Torrence Law

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David Brian Morris

Ying Zhu

Robert Loper

Jean Tucker

Micah Lubens

Lynn Coffman

Shaun Lynch

Marco Temaner

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Edward Conroy

Elizabeth Engel

Ivet euhus

Ryan Brown

Karen Lynch

Joshua Beety

Yannis Labrou

Trinity Johnson

Brian Flanagan

Cheri DeQuattro

Lauri Andrews

Jeff Fletcher

David Fuhr

Karen Branan

Rachel Beyer

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Margaret McCulloch

Sara Chieffo

Richard Hamecs

Amily Loredo

Jake Sticka

Jessica Smith

Phil Coppage

Sarita L

Milind  raj

Sam Daughety

Julie Dana

Liz Patel

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Catherine Flanagan

Peter Engel

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John Ten Hoeve

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Lori Coscia

Bianca Decatur


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Eric Witte

Emma Grundhauser

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Kathryn Hurst

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Meg Krause

Eileen Fratto

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I’m Olivia

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John Coleman

Lynne Boyle

Brett Davis

Raleigh Sims

Sally Murray James

Stephen Miller

Nicole West

Ross Eastman

Allison Cullin

Taylor Miller

Margarita Diaz

Kelsey Ritchie Frierson

Emily Schmidt

Rodrigo Sermeno

Alex Stapleton

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