Councilmembers Allen and Alexander Ask WMATA To Reverse Service Cuts To Stadium-Armory Station

Dear Mr. Requa,

We write to share our concern and frustration with the deep and significant service cuts to the Stadium-Armory Metro station.

Following the recent transformer fire reducing available power for trains at the Stadium-Armory, we understand that WMATA is planning to make several service reductions. These cuts will have significant negative results for residents of Hill East, Rosedale, Kingman Park, and others that depend on this station. Further, this station is a lynchpin of transit for students traveling to Eastern High School, employees working at nearby facilities such as St. Coletta of Greater Washington, a school for persons with intellectual disabilities, and fans traveling to RFK Stadium and the DC Armory for special events.

Last week, WMATA announced it would cut rush hour service to an 8-minute headway schedule in an effort to lessen the power load as a result of the fire. That reduction is inconvenient, but many understand its need considering the impact of the fire’s damage. However, today WMATA announced that it would reduce rush hour train service to only one third of its current capacity - cutting Orange and Silver line stops at Stadium-Armory and leaving just Blue line trains serving the station for the next six months. With this latest announcement, WMATA is deeply impacting those who depend on this station with less frequent trains and a two-thirds reduction of its service.

This decision will have major impacts on riders to this station and have ripple effects across the system. In addition to the significant delays for regular riders who depend on Stadium-Armory for their commute to school, work, or services, riders whose destination is Stadium-Armory will now be limited to only one line when riding from other stations – adding confusion and delay.

We ask that WMATA reconsider this decision and provide more information about the impact of the fire and other ways the system can adapt to reduce the harm created for the communities, services, and events that rely on the Stadium-Armory station.


Charles Allen, Councilmember, Ward 6

Yvette Alexander, Councilmember, Ward 7

cc:  The Honorable Jack Evans, WMATA Board of Directors, District of Columbia representative

       Leif Dormsjo, WMATA Board of Directors, District of Columbia representative

       Corbett Price, WMATA Board of Directors, District of Columbia representative

       Tom Bulger, WMATA Board of Directors, District of Columbia representative

       The Honorable Phil Mendelson, Chair, Council of the District of Columbia

[PDF of signed letter available here]

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