Statement from Councilmember Charles Allen on Arthur Capper Fire

Councilmember Charles Allen and staff are on-site currently at the fire at the Arthur Capper Senior Building at 900 5th St., SE to help displaced residents. From Councilmember Allen:

“We aren’t sure how the fire started at Arthur Capper Senior Building in Navy Yard. DC Firefighters needed to rescue a few residents via window from the higher floors. When neighbors saw there was smoke, they ran into the building and started alerting senior residents by knocking on doors. When our office got word, our staff started calling to alert residents inside the building. There’s no doubt the alert and fast action of those neighbors and our DC Fire and EMS saved lives today. Initial count has every resident account for – which is a testament to the fast responses of our community. Given how vulnerable this population is, the city is going to be working all-night to make sure everyone has a safe place to stay. Immediate shelter is available in the community room at the Capper Community Center at 1000 5th St., SE. Everyone is asked to please remain out of the area otherwise to allow emergency services to work.”

Arthur Capper Senior Building is at 900 5th ST., SE, with 162 units of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments that are 100 percent affordable. It is a vibrant and important building for our seniors living in Navy Yard.

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