Councilmember Charles Allen Lauds Passage of Southwest Small Area Plan

At today’s meeting of the DC Council, Councilmember Charles Allen successfully moved a resolution approving the Southwest Small Area Plan that will guide and inform the development of the Southwest neighborhood for years to come.

“Work on the Southwest Small Area Plan has taken nearly three years, spanning three Directors of the Office of Planning, two Mayors, and two Ward 6 Councilmembers. Southwest is a unique and special part of our city, and is facing enormous change in the coming years.  This plan represents an important framework for the neighborhood to help guide that change constructively and focus investments where they’re most needed,” said Councilmember Allen.

There are many key features outlined in the plan, including priorities on affordable housing, strengthening transportation and pedestrian connections, developing a greater mix of retail and small businesses, maintaining important parks and public spaces, supporting a focus on arts and cultural development, and much more.

The Small Area Plan process has already made an impact. Councilmember Allen has taken action on several recommendations by working to include full funding in the city’s budget for the modernization of the Southwest Branch Library as a stand-alone facility and making key investments next year in several Southwest parks such as the Southwest Duck Pond and Amidon Park.

Councilmember Allen expressed his specific thanks to the DC Office of Planning, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D, the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, and the hundreds of Southwest residents who participated in creating a shared vision and framework for the Small Area Plan.

A full copy of the small area plan is available for download here:

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