Ward 6 Budget Town Hall 2021

I'm excited to announce the date for my annual Ward 6 Budget Town Hall - Tuesday, June 15, from 8 to 9:30 pm. In an effort to be as accessible as possible while still being safe, the event will once again be virtual only.

I'm sharing information below on how to watch and participate.

This is an event I hold annually for Ward 6 neighbors to walk through the budget as proposed by the Mayor, explain the process with the Council and how residents can weigh in, share some of my priorities, and most importantly, open the floor to Ward 6 residents to tell me what you want to prioritize.

How to Watch

We'll be holding the event on Zoom, and streaming to my Facebook page as well. Either are free to use without having an account. If you'd like the link to watch on Zoom, please RSVP in advance. My team will email the link next Tuesday afternoon to everyone who has RSVP'd.

You can watch on Facebook without RSVP'ing by simply heading to Facebook.com/CMCharlesAllen at 8 pm on Tuesday, June 15.

How to Ask a Question or Comment During the Event

There are several ways for you to participate in the Ward 6 Budget Town Hall.

Submit a Video in Advance: We tried this last year and found it was a great way to give residents a chance to ask their question or comment as part of the event - with a simple video submission! You can record yourself and upload the video to my team here in just a few minutes.

In order to try and accommodate everyone who submits a question, please keep your submission to around 30 seconds or less. If we can't show every comment due to time constraints, I'll do my best to make sure questions cover the range of topics submitted.

Submit a Comment or Question During the Budget Town Hall: During the event, I will have staff monitoring for comments and questions submitted through either the Q+A tool within Zoom and the Facebook comments. I'll try to be sure I answer as many questions as I can, but I'll also try to get to everyone who has a question (so if you have a few questions, I might not get to them all if it means giving other neighbors a chance to ask their first question).

This Ward 6 Budget Town Hall is for all Ward 6 neighbors to hear and communicate directly with me as their representative on the Council. While I welcome residents from across the District (and beyond) attending, please be aware I plan to discuss big and small issues affecting neighbors. If you have a specific issue that you really want to weigh in on, and you aren't a Ward 6 resident, don't forget to submit testimony to the Council committee with oversight of the issue.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Allen

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