Ward 6 Better Bus Network Feedback

WMATA has released its latest Proposed 2025 Better Bus Network, which is WMATA's first major redesign of the entire bus network in a generation. It's a massive undertaking, and each of us can take part. Last year, WMATA released a first draft of the network and received a lot of feedback from riders and residents (you may recall we had a Ward 6 Bus Town Hall at Watkins Elementary to talk about the Ward 6 routes). WMATA has now revised its proposal to more closely align to its budget and has released a second draft. You can explore the updated network and provide feedback on the new designs through WMATA's interactive site.

What do you think of the proposed network? How do you see it impacting the routes you frequently take? Let our office know by submitting feedback below, and please join us for the Ward 6 Better Bus Update Town Hall on Thursday, June 20, at the Hill Center. This will be an opportunity for us to dig deep into the proposal and hear from you what you think about it. Councilmember Allen will use feedback you provide to submit a comprehensive response to WMATA.

Resources for the Proposed 2025 Better Bus Network:

We ask that you provide feedback by Thursday, June 20, 2024.

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