DC Council passes bill protecting domestic violence survivors' home address in public records

The DC Council voted unanimously to pass Councilmember Allen's bill that would shield the home addresses of survivors of domestic violence, sexual offenses, stalking, and human trafficking, as well as employees of organizations who serve those survivors or work at reproductive health clinics.


Councilmember Allen introduces bill adding a fee any time multi-unit buildings are downsized

Bill also adds penalties for evicting tenants under false premise

Today, Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen introduces the Housing Conversion and Eviction Clarification Amendment Act of 2018, a bill that would disincentivize developers from downsizing multi-unit buildings to protect the total number of units in the market and add a protection for tenants evicted by homeowners under the guise of using the rented space for themselves, but then renting the same space again within one year.


Read Councilmember Allen's Letter Proposing De-Coupling DC's Estate Tax from the Federal Level

On April 5, 2018, Councilmember Charles Allen sent the following letter to his colleagues on the Council to consider his proposal to decouple the District's estate tax threshold from the federal governments: 


Ward 6 Career Fair is Friday!

This Friday, April 27 we will have 40 employers looking to meet job seekers at Arena Stage at the latest Ward 6 Career Fair. Join Councilmember Charles Allen, along with At-Large Councilmembers Elissa Silverman and Robert White Jr., at this semi-annual Ward 6 Career Fair at Arena Stage (1101 Sixth St., SW) from 9 am to 1 pm. 


Budget Town Hall 2018 Presentation Document

Thanks to the many Ward 6 neighbors who attended Councilmember Allen's fourth annual Ward 6 Budget Town Hall. Each year, this event is a great opportunity for Councilmember Allen and staff to hear directly from residents about your concerns and priorities for the budget. You can watch the entire Town Hall or check out the presentation here:


Ward 6 Neighborhood Update 4-18-18

I know spring is trying its hardest to finally arrive, but I'm starting to get really worried that we'll go straight into summer if we're not careful. Nevertheless, in the surest sign it might be spring, I was honored to join more than 150 young baseball and softball players at the annual Capitol Hill Little League Opening Day. Of course, everyone knows that also means my annual Ward 6 Budget Town Hall is right around the corner...


Councilmember Allen introduces bill modernizing DC's energy grid

New authority would gather data on how and when energy is used and create marketplace for renewably-sourced energy to add to DC’s grid, creating jobs for DC residents with DC dollars while lowering rates for DC residents

Today, Councilmembers Charles Allen (Ward 6) and Mary Cheh (Ward 3) introduced the Distributed Energy Resources Authority Act of 2018, which would modernize the District of Columbia’s energy grid by collecting real-time energy use data in one location and opening the door for DC businesses and residents to contribute renewable energy toward the total capacity of the District’s energy supply.


Councilmember Allen introduces bill to lower DC's voting age to 16

Today, Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen introduced the Youth Voting Amendment Act of 2018 to lower the voting age in the District of Columbia to 16.

“At the age of 16, our society already gives young people greater legal responsibility. They can drive a car. They can work. Some are raising a family or helping their family make ends meet. They pay taxes. Ironically, they pay fees to get a license plate that reads ‘Taxation Without Representation.’ I think its time to change that,” said Councilmember Allen.


Ward 6 Neighborhood Update

Last weekend, the District of Columbia played host to more than 800,000 visitors for the March for Our Lives. Jordi, Cora, Everett, and I joined the Rally for DC Lives at Folger Park first, and then marched with neighbors down to Pennsylvania Avenue for the national event. It was both devastating and uplifting to hear from so many young people affected by gun violence and their calls to action.


Everything You Need to Know for the Rally for DC Lives & March for Our Lives

With the March for Our Lives expected to draw close to 500,000 visitors on Saturday, I wanted to share as much information as possible about the event, including expected closures and ways to participate if you’d like.